Old potential returning player - How is the population?

Grid Online is heavily inspired by Anarchy Online and other sci-fi/cyberpunk atmosphere games and films.
Still a long way from being finished though, Grid Online

Here I am wondering exact same thing.

People were saying game is dead for years, ten years ago. I am not worried about that.

But should I return? I am old now, CEO working 12 hour - no free time.

But I do have desire to play.

AO was an obsession for me, you guys think now is the last time to play it, or will funcom keep it around forever?

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I’ve no idea if the figures cited at MMO pop are accurate.


It got quite expensive (17,00€/month in Germany), so I think they will keep it around as long as people are willing to pay.
I recently renewed my sub and I’m having tons of fun. The community is as good as I remember, though a lot fewer in numbers.


I still stand by everything I said and nothing has changed. People stated during the pandemic that the population increased and I said it was a temporary influx and they said I was wrong, most, if not all of those people, are gone now.

I just came back this past week. I see quite a bit of players on. The game is fun for me, and plenty of people to interact with. All depends on what time you are in the game.