Old PvP system reintroduced

This. Old title shouldn’t affect on solo, just duels.

Or mix old and new system;

Keep the 3 different aspects; duel, solo and team
And give penalties for losing.

Lose a duel lose 1 point duel score, win a duel gain points.
Lose solo, lose 2 points solo score
Die in a team or have a team member die lose a point on team score … teams are more powerfull, death penalty is more severe.
Ofcourse you can make the point system as elaborate as you want.

When the stakes are higher it’s first of all more fun and it’s harder to farm …
As they say in Eve Online: “don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose”

okay how about we make one CRUCIAL adjustment: hide duel wins/losses by DEFAULT unless ticked on by the user in the f10 menu! people are too afraid to duel when leveling casually because they don’t want to ruin their record!

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There really is no ruin. Its not like a sanctioned international dueling organization professional career duel record. Its just, you have accepted this many duels and you did not take the other character to 0% this many times. I have characters I have had duel each other for testing and this will go on for 30 minutes and I’ll forget and have one of them yalm up and take off and they will get a loss for leaving the beacon area. I don’t go out of my way to do this but I really don’t care at all.

I would love to see the old system running besides the new kill count one. Simply being able to hide the title or have it hidden by default would fix the problems. The problems with /afk or meep outta BS are easily fixable. Just harsher penalties on doing such things. Being able to choose side on BS was a great thing but I would prefer random sides on sign up and a balance of profs on each sides.

It can feel scary to not be with full team of your friends going against pvmers doing their dailies, but it will definitely feel more competitive facing your own friends who are there for the pvp

Also ideas like making the old title system be /duels only does sound good.

While we are at it, make BS have some leaderboards. Have the best K/D, solo kills, team kills, wins shown up every month. Nothing too serious and multiple different things to track because it is always possible to sneak and kill a lower lvl pvper once a round to reach infinite kills and 0 deaths. But with some balancing on profs/lvls u might have bad stats on other sections such as round wins.

About the old pvp titles:

Possibility of losing or winning a title just makes the fights more exciting. you cannot get that feeling at the moment since the new titles are just stats. How many you killed. Pvp just doesn’t make my heart pound anymore but if I knew I could be the first one to reach a new title by killing somoene while also being the wanted target by him. Man it would make me extremely focused, sweating and pulse going up. The feeling lots of us experienced when we first dueled or went to tower wars.

We don’t lose gear or progress when we die in this game so let us at least have the titles to gain or lose when we pvp! I often hear that people start avoiding pvp if they have something to lose, why I propose the option to hide your title or even have it hidden by default. If you are a type to never pvp after reaching certain type, I don’t care. Everyone will value someone’s skills more who keeps showing up with his fancy title and trying to reach higher!

I don’t understand why people can be against old title system.
If you want new title to show - enable that setting, if you want old legacy title to appear - enable that. The choice is all yours. Why should we eat the only specific type of apple while we can have all of them at a time and be happy?