Old PvP system reintroduced


With the new server that brought to life a lot of nostalgy for a lot of people, some of us, especially those who used to PvP, miss the old PvP system. Reason is that in the old one, you actually had something to lose when you PvP-ed.

The suggestion here is as follows:

With the rising level cap, as we already seen in BS, and with the introduction of NW, people will start PvP-ing.

The option for the old titles is already in the settings (we can choose between Solo/Duel/Team and Legacy title to be shown before our names) so all that remains is to reintroduce the system.

Titles were as follows: Freshman / Rookie / Apprentice / Novice / Neophyte / Experienced / Expert / Master / Grand Master. (Not sure on the last 3 order).

To gain a title you had to kill someone with the same title 6 or 7 times.

E.g.: to gain Freshman, you had to kill targets with no title.
To gain Rookie, you had to kill Freshman targets.

Most importantly: if you had just gained Freshman (for e.g.) and another Freshman killed you, you would LOSE that title.

If you already had 2 Freshman killed and were killed by one, you would lose “1 kill” and still have your title.

The key element of the old system was having something to lose. Which made it a lot more fun, interesting and a higher adrenaline rush to PvP.

It doesnt have to be the same titles as some of them are already implemented in the new system. Community can come up with new ones if need be.

Myself and a lot of the old people would really enjoy having old PvP system or a system with something to lose on the new server.

Would appreciate an official reply to this suggestion if possible.

Thank you for the new server fun!


I loved the old system, but it also makes people not want to duel or openly PvP in all situations. Now that MB:ing is also an issue I can see a lot of problems reintroducing the old titlesystem.

I say keep it as it is :slight_smile: This will make more people participate in PvP instead of title hug.

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I agree that it might make people not PvP in all situations. But on the other side, whoever doesn’t care about the titles, can always “use” the new system. Old title would be for whoever wants to PvP with a stake. (rezzing is not a stake)

L.E. Also, in mass PvP, people will tend to fight. 'cuz that’s the PvP effect. If you see people fighting in Bor, flagged up, you’ll just get into it. It’s what happened back in the day and also what happened even on the new server: flagged people at Subway, lots got involved.

Also, given that’s it’s a new server, people will get into fights a lot.

As a returning player from 15 years ago, I would love to have this back. I cant believe they got rid of it TBH, and hearing so, among other reasons, makes me a little less keen on sticking around.

Anyone who truly enjoys PVP isn’t going to title hug to the point that the PVP-player base is diminished…There was always only a few huggers (and usually only high ranked players)

I would bump this idea for both servers please…

You missed Champion title inbetween Master and Grandmaster though - and from memory it was 8 kills needed per title (Except for Master and above was a double title so needed 16ish)

but I would 100% back legacy titles making a comeback… actually gave some sort of challenge to getting a pvp title and not just a grind where it simply shows how much time you spend in BS etc

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Hey guys,

Well it wasnt exactly as L33tlove said, here u can see how old pvp system fully works:

Basic rules
Everybody starts with a PvP rating of 1300.

Your rating can never go below 1300.

Fighting people with a rating that differs by more than 100 from your own will never change your rating.

Changes to the rating

When winning or losing the rating points gained or lost is calculated according to this formula:
Base_Change + ( Change_Modifier * Rating_Difference )
If you win, the points are added to your rating. If you lose, they’re subtracted from it.

The Base_Change and Change_Modifier depend on your current rating, like this:
(Rating => Base_Change / Change_Modifier)
1300 – 2099 => 16 / 0.04

2100 – 2400 => 12 / 0.03

2401 and up => 8 / 0.02

This generally means that while having a rating below 2100 you will gain 16 points from winning against somebody of equal rating. This is then modified by one point for each 25 in rating difference between the two of you. Since there’s a cap at 100 in difference to have the rating change, you will get between 12 and 20 points per kill, if any.

As you get to 2100 points and above you will gain – and lose – less points per battle.

The titles

1300 – 1399 =>

1400 – 1499 => Freshman

1500 – 1599 => Rookie

1600 – 1699 => Apprentice

1700 – 1799 => Novice

1800 – 1899 => Neophyte

1900 – 1999 => Experienced

2000 – 2099 => Expert

2100 – 2299 => Master

2300 – 2499 => Champion

2500 and up => Grandmaster


I posted that from old AO forums, main problem is that dont work if u teamed, ppl usually had to leave team just in the moment of the kill to take points, what is a bit anoying, so maybe they can keep team titles for that who play teamed.

Anyway i love much more old system even if they just put as it was without any changes.

Here u have a vid of how i farmed Expert by killing Pathogen xD

I think it was weird how you couldn’t get rating by killing someone > 100 points above you. where is the sense in that? you had to basically deliberately target weaker enemies to get points.

No, you take points from ppl in range +100 -100 points of you. So not necessary kill weaker targets.

The Old Titel sytem was BAD.
Everyone camped frum hell and dont teamed because of Titel farming. And the most People who farmed big titels stopped PvP because they don’t want to lose their title. There was SO Mandy people who farmed her title in backyards. The PvP at all wasnt dynamic because of the title farm fest. The new PvP System came for a reason and it is good to have it.

The best Solution would be BOUTH - Let the Player choose to enable. Giev People who have Old System enabled a Color flag and People with new system a different Color flag.

New system is a farm-based system which takes most of the adrenaline out of outside-PvP. While the old system had flows which can be fixed as you suggested, it had a stake which made it a lot more interesting and engaging.

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bring it back… need Master title on rk2019 aswell :stuck_out_tongue:

New title system is against skill, anyone with enough free time can have high title, look @ Surovi1 he was prolly top10 worst pvp NT and he has solo title lvl9.

Anyway i agree the team issue, so maybe keep new system just for teams and old system for solo and duel pvp.

Forz, when i have 6 Accounts, i can get Master in 1 day by farming my own toons. How mutch skill does this need?

Yeah, and if u not skilled pvp u will lose it even more fast. I remember a guy who payed 1b time ago for Expert title, then he went BS and in 2 hours he was Apprentice… That was funny.

At least before was possible to get title legit. Whats the point with new system in 1 year working server? I was dueling “nonstop” with enf when new titles added, took me 3 years from duel TL1 to TL6 and another 4 years from TL6 to TL7 (4k ish duel wins). And that was when AO still have nice ammount of players. Now u can get like 100 duels/month if u lucky and get tired of duel always same ppl.

Ask Hekthor about his solo TL10, 50k+ kills, and him lived inside BS 24/7. Thats insane.

U really think that system worth now? I dont think so.

I agree, bring the old system back. Like speaking about having 6 accounts and farming the title… cool, you can farm anything else in the game by yourself too. I think this discussion is focused more on the players with one or maybe two accounts.

I 100% would LOVE to see pvp come back. Just the fact that you don’t lose anything when you die and have to spend enormous amounts of time to fill a bar to “earn” titles is a bad system in my opinion.

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Bumpy bump.

bumping, old titles did make it’s role in AO pvp community.

We all know when someone farmed a title or got it legit.

Yeah, delete the curernt system, but the old system caused all sorts of problems on its own.

Do you remember:
Hellcom admins farming damage on someone at tara and then ordering a rush in order to get points?
People /afking out of BS if they were about to lose points?
Everyone and their dog having a pocket froob meep in bor to save points?
MDR not going into BS without a full team?
Agents hugging sneak for an entire BS round trying to find that one person?
Fixers meeping at 80% hp?

If they reintroduce the old system, I’d like some tweaks to minimize asshattery.

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Reintroducing the old System just for Duels would solve all the Issues you adressed there.

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