Old Roleplay moments and memories


I thought it would be a good idea to have a place to post old rp moments.
Chatlogs, stories, memories and so on. It’s a shame if they would be lost

I’ll start
This is from R.U.R. Found it on the RUR forum and I had completly forgotten about it.
The background is that someone (If I remember right it was Gunfytr during the Bride for Egro story) Hacked into R.U.R.s bank account and orderd 20 000 copies of “Leet Training for Dummies” and 10 000 8-packs of toilet paper. (If you didn’t guess it already, I’m Gimpa in the log)

Here is what happend:
(18:45) [Channel42] Areania: Oh? the man of the hour mr Eeod. hello there.
(18:45) [Channel42] Eeod: hello.
(18:47) [Channel42] Eeod: what hour, an by man do you mean “solitus”?
(18:47) [Channel42] Gimpa: Did you find your books, eeod?
(18:47) [Channel42] Areania: well I sure didnt meen fembot atleast.
(18:48) [Channel42] Eeod: books? Dabbles told me just that i have some books about leet training in my office!
(18:48) [Channel42] Eeod: can’t wait to check them out
(18:50) [Channel42] Areania: Yea so ive heard, part of some package deal?
(18:51) [Channel42] Ciyanid joined the group.
(18:51) [Channel42] Channel42: Julia “Ciyanid” Gilliano (170/5 Clan Adventurer, Barador Arin) has joined Channel42
(18:51) [Channel42] Eeod: package deal? how many books are we talking about?
(18:51) [Channel42] Gimpa: Didn’t count, but i used a few hours carry them into you
(18:51) [Channel42] Gimpa: Well… days, but who is counting
(18:52) [Channel42] Eeod: …days?
(18:52) [Channel42] Gimpa: 2 i think
(18:52) [Channel42] Gimpa: 8-4
(18:52) [Channel42] Eeod: could you give a rough estimate?
(18:52) [Channel42] Gimpa: Few thousen
(18:53) [Channel42] Eeod: THAT many different books about leet training???
(18:53) [Channel42] Eeod: wow
(18:53) [Channel42] Gimpa: yup, but then, it is many leets
(18:53) [Channel42] Eeod: I guess they are complicated anumals
(18:54) [Channel42] Gimpa: yeah, anyway, when there is a important task as the one we have you can’t turn every coin i guess
(18:55) [Channel42] Gimpa: The borad needs the best
(18:55) [Channel42] Eeod: thank you. I gues.
(18:56) [Channel42] Gimpa: I also heard there was another pcage at the post office. i will get it tomorrow
(18:56) [Channel42] Dabblez: It better not be chirop training
(18:57) [Channel42] Gimpa: No, just some toiletpaper
(18:57) [Channel42] Areania: What happened with just letting bots be bots. to much of this leetbot chirop bot etc. freaky Ideas.
(18:57) [Channel42] Areania: Im scared enough of leets as is. Kill em al I say.
(18:58) [Channel42] Dabblez: Even Brb?
(18:58) [Channel42] Krynis: especially brb
(18:58) [Channel42] Dabblez: Wow, that’s cold
(18:59) [Channel42] Gunfytr: even I like BRB
(18:59) [Channel42] Krynis: he’ll brb anyway <_<
(18:59) [Channel42] Areania: Well atleast horde em into a zoo or something.
(18:59) [Channel42] Areania: wasn’t that leetwille group responsible for terrorist actions way back when?
(18:59) [Channel42] Areania: They can be dangeorus I say.
(19:00) [Channel42] Gimpa: Don’t think Brb was part of that
(19:00) [Channel42] Areania: Ah good then. Well sure he seems harmless enough.
(19:00) [Channel42] Krynis: But don’t take me too seriously, I tend to think almost anything can be solved with abit of sneakiness and a big gun.
(19:01) [Channel42] Dabblez: yeah, he is armless all right
(19:01) [Channel42] Areania: Krynis I hear ya.
(19:02) [Channel42] Eeod: Gimpa! I can’t open the door to my lab!
(19:03) [Channel42] Gimpa: use the window. It’s open
(19:03) [Channel42] Gimpa: Thats how i got out
(19:04) [Channel42] Eeod: what the? who made a window in my lab!
(19:04) [Channel42] Gimpa: I had to
(19:04) [Channel42] Eeod: and what…?
(19:04) [Channel42] Krynis: Sounds like some one used my concept of problem solving, a big gun.
(19:04) [Channel42] Eeod: the…
(19:04) [Channel42] Gimpa: How else would i get out?
(19:04) [Channel42] Ciyanid: laughter, comm. muted
(19:05) [Channel42] Krynis: …
(19:05) [Channel42] Eeod: GIMPAAAAA!!
(19:05) [Channel42] Gimpa: What?
(19:05) [Channel42] Krynis: It occures me to me that comment could be misunderstood
(19:05) [Channel42] Eeod: My lab is stuffed with books! up to the ceiling!
(19:05) [Channel42] Gimpa: I know
(19:06) [Channel42] Eeod: but… why!
(19:06) [Channel42] Krynis: if nothing else shes dedicated.
(19:06) [Channel42] Dabblez: That she is
(19:06) [Channel42] Eeod: where is my toolbox? and the petri-disks!! and COSbot!
(19:06) [Channel42] Gimpa: You are in charge of the Leetbots…Leet training for dumies, mekes sence to me
(19:07) [Channel42] Gimpa: No idea why you orderd so many
(19:07) [Channel42] Eeod: me? I didn’t order a thing. my creditcard was blocked.
(19:08) [Channel42] Krynis: Now you know why.
(19:08) [Channel42] Gimpa: Oh
(19:08) [Channel42] Gimpa: Then whio did?
(19:08) [Channel42] Eeod: these are all the same books!
(19:08) [Channel42] Gimpa: and i refuse to carry those books back
(19:08) [Channel42] Gimpa: My back hurt
(19:09) [Channel42] Udina joined the group.
(19:09) [Channel42] Channel42: “Udina” (4/0 Neutral Bureaucrat, ) has joined Channel42
(19:09) [Channel42] Udina: (( hey again))
(19:09) [Channel42] Dabblez: Hello
(19:10) [Channel42] Areania: ( ./me leans back in her office chair laughing at the chan42 chatter and leans over to read the news… “Bride of Ergo” !!! what the %¤#&7 ((just noticed it, The fun!)) )
(19:10) [Channel42] Krynis: whoa…
(19:10) [Channel42] Areania: Buying libraries, making Ergo Fem-Bot. what ever are you up to theese days but insanity R.U.R. .
(19:10) [Channel42] Areania: ./me laughs
(19:10) [Channel42] Udina: (( was it stupid to make a Blunt useing biuro? xD))
(19:11) [Channel42] Krynis: ever seen a Hoathlan make out with a Kolaana…this is not pretty.
(19:11) [Channel42] Dabblez: (( yeah, Beaurocrats are not blunt, they are sly and sophisticated ))
(19:11) [Channel42] Gimpa: Sweet. aww
(19:11) [Channel42] Udina: (( a blunt useing one xD))
(19:12) [Channel42] Dabblez: Yeah, we get all teh wrose jobs
(19:12) [Channel42] Gimpa: But we do them well
(19:13) [Channel42] Udina: (( aaanyway, is there any RP org Clan side that’s member would be online? xD))
(19:13) [Channel42] Dabblez: and within budget
(19:13) [Channel42] Areania: Ah well sorry If I was to harsh, that “other thing” seems well managed and smart enough Dablez.
(19:14) [Channel42] Dabblez: Operation Clueless?
(19:14) [Channel42] Krynis: Insanity is just the will to refuse to conform to the boring norm.
(19:14) [Channel42] Areania: yea
(19:14) [Channel42] Dabblez: that… adn dressing up as Napoleon
(19:15) [Channel42] Krynis: er right…


Good times.
Now I’m gonna have to transfer The Saga over here, aren’t I?


Wow. There is a name I havent seen in a long time. I saw Dabblez in Rome agency a few days ago and Tinkerz in the grid yesterday, so hopefully some of the old ones are on their way back home to AO