Screenshots from events


The Events Team sometimes take screenshots of Events for fun and post them here.

Here is the old forum link:

Here are some new recent screenshots from Events we have done. If you have some too why not post them?

Masked Man Event

Alien Event

Engineers Inspect the Subway Vent Shaft Seals



Aliens establish a base to explore a wrecked ship site in Newland Desert. What are they up to?![Alien-Dropship-landing-cargo|690x497](upload://sKroTMHPcrVSiOPwZ75Wy9GgI1H.j


Sad event. Think this is the last screenshot taken of R.U.R
Dabblez, Eeod and Gimpa (me). I miss that org

Dont remamber what this event was called, but it was Rp nights or evenings in Reets or something like that


you have sit on the hotbar :yum:


Halloween 2018, always fun! Some recent event pics.


Where is this and how are you graphics so good?


Looks like Old Athen; I see a Vanguard in the final screenshot :blush:


New engine client :wink:


Yeah but they look even better than that. Maybe its cus fog is on, I always disable it.


Yes effects are on. I turn them on and off all the time depending on what I’m doing or looking for.


wow i remmber when rur was formed


More screenshots from a recent Event. Sadly the Archmage Fizzwizz seems not one to be trusted. After he gained the help of Citizens to bring back his Witches, he promptly disappeared and left monsters in the City to attack the good folk. Citizens have promised to deal with him if he dares to return.


Citizens have promised that if he ever returns, he had better watch out!


Nice screenshots as usual Mmir!

On a side note, a ton of people had massive hate for the guy with the umbrella. Good to see him here :slight_smile:


Something is amiss. We really hope we are not seeing what we are seeing! There are rewards but death awaits. Can you spot the danger? We will leave it to you to decide.


Omg yeah look at all those wild savage clanners! :open_mouth:
Oh and I see the Dust Brigade as well :wink:


Merry Christmas 2018 everyone! Here we have a selection of screenshots some of you may be a part of! These are very recent events from Ark. Enjoy!

Firstly, we see Grinchleet trying to cancel Christmas, then a special pair of Leets arrive, followed by someone very special to head off the Grinchleet! But that isn’t all, Citizens are required to help save Christmas because Antisanta has arrived to hunt Santa! All went well in the end and everyone headed off to the Party!


Santaleets run off!

Some of Santaleets leet fleet have gone rogue and run off to hide around Borealis, and they are in a very foul and naughty mood! Apparently the Christmas spirit is nowhere near them. A lonely Nice Leet arrives through the gates of Borealis to plead for assistance. Now it is up to the Citizens to track the Naughty Leets down and make sure they are all collected back safely near the Subway to carry on working!
To do that, the Citizens must convince the reluctant Naughty Leets to come back… but it turns out the Naughty Leets all had reasons for running off and now they need to be reassured.
One Naughty Leet found relaxing and viewing the sights much more interesting. Until he was found by a Citizen who gently explained the children may not get any presents if he doesn’t get back and help in time.