OMG Please add more slots

I never understand why we console players get lower server slots. The consoles do the rendering while the servers provide the data for that render. (I assume) if that’s the case, why do we get so few server slots? 40 is just not enough. Especially with a new release! Clans get on and many players just sit there to slot lock the server. And without offline protection have all the time in the world to level anyone’s base.

We PC players also get only 40 slots on officials.


Every official server is 40 slots. Have you ever played on a 70 slot? They are a nightmare.

the server i play on only has 10 slots… but then again, that is all i’m willing to pay for. kinda cheap of me i guess.

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Your server do what you want that’s the fun of it. I have a 20 slot for 3rd year only seen it completely full maybe once. But plenty of people’s bases I have never met.

Why are they a nightmare?
Just curious :slight_smile:

40 is just too low. Siptah is big. IMHO I think bigger than Exiles. There is plenty of space. 4 clans can slot lock the server and have a field day wiping everything since they don’t have offline raid protection on yet.

If it was on…no problem. I can wait to get on. But losing 8 hours of farming because the servers full of aholes just makes people want to quit playing. And that is shame because the game really is great otherwise.

If they felt like the cap could be reasonably raised without hurting the performance of the server, they would do so without people constantly demanding they do that.


Once you begin to add more than 40 players to a server, the performance declines. There are 70 slot servers on PC, and their performance is garbage. Not only that, but these 70 slot servers are usually RP servers where PvP is off or minimal.

Having 70 players running around fighting, building, farming, and blowing stuff up would run the server into the ground.

The game was aiming to release with support for more than 40 player servers, but the reality of it is, it just makes for a miserable experience.

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