On Loyalty Rewards



Hey all!

We know that you have been requesting an update on the loyalty rewards that we launched in June 2016. We hear you, and are working on a new reward release.

First, on the logic behind releasing things later (or earlier) than initially proposed: The original plan was to release rewards every 180 days. This proved to be less-than-optimal, as it placed those drop dates at times that made little sense. The dates almost always fell on a holiday, and didn’t align with planned events when these rewards would have made the most sense for the community.

With this in mind, we are amending the loyalty reward system. Instead of following a strict 180-day schedule, rewards will now generally release when it makes the most sense, such as for special events.

The aim is to release these items at times that best encourage player engagement, create excitement, and incentivize both new and existing players to become members. The goal is to create a healthier Age of Conan community and ensure that the game has many great years to come.

Thank you!

1,080 Day Member Loyalty Reward