On pickup, don't show destroyed rubble

I think we should do away with the rubble when any building pieces are picked up. Only show it for pieces that actually get destroyed.


I was thinking the same thing.

I would prefer the sound of a regular pickup ( which is just a click and the item disappears) instead of the destruction sound and animation.


Same here. I find it a pace killer when correcting misplaced pieces, having to wait for the mess to clear before I can see clearly.


I’ve been able to pick up pieces for a while due to PickUp style mods. I will say this, when modded building pieces don’t explode when picked up (due to not having that part added to their entry in the datatables), you don’t get an immediate feedback that what you did had much of an effect.

Some do have subdued effects and it just wasn’t the same. When picking up placeables it makes that sound, the rumble crumble let’s you know if you picked up a building piece instead. So I’d becareful what you all wish for.


I’ve got to agree with @Taemien on this one. Try placing and then picking up a few Argossean walls for example (they lack the explosion for some reason), You still have to wait the same length of time for it to clear, but now it is sitting in the spot unchanged, as if you haven’t picked it up at all. While I would certainly like the rubble to clear more quickly, having some feedback that the piece has actually been picked up feels better than no feedback and still having something blocking your view.


Then there should be a different sound and animation with pick up.

They don’t need anything fancy, spawn a couple dust clouds and use a pre-existing sound effect that is different to destruction.


Yes what Tephra said. Give it a sound and make it disappear. THere are plenty of objects in the world that can be picked up and vanish from the place where it was. No reason this can’t be done with building pieces.

Arena walls too. And the new Nemedian inverted sloped walls (just those, not other Nemedian pieces, which is really odd to me).

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If you think about it, they probably should make a generic “broken building” animation/graphic and assign it to every building piece by default as part of the initial creation template, then later customize each one as they see fit. It is probably more than needed to have a unique design for each piece of rubble. If it were a smallish pile, about the size of a couple large chests side by side, it would not obstruct our view when doing large tear down and rebuild projects.

Would it change the nature of the game in PvP to have the collapse of a wall not visually impair you for 5 seconds? Maybe slightly, but it would be the same for both sides of a war. Is there any downside to removing visually impairing rubble?

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