On Video Evidence for Reports to Customer Support

When reporting potential abuse of bugs and unintended game mechanics, or when reporting suspicious activity you observed in-game, many of you like to include video evidence in order to support your report and assist us in our investigation.

When submitting video evidence, please ensure your video has the following information clear and legible on-screen:

  • Combat log, including related character deaths and reasons. If your report involves PvP combat, player deaths, or anything else that can be represented in the combat logs, your video must include them.

  • Corroborating chat logs with timestamps. Chat logs are required to be visible for all videos, regardless of the subject matter. They need to be clear and legible so that we can match the recording’s timestamps with a specific timestamp on our servers.

Please also include a short summary of the video, as well as any relevant timestamps. Short and to the point is best! Avoid long videos whenever possible. Include timestamps and a description of what the video shows for the specific incident, and never assume the video will speak for itself.

Some example summaries:

  • At 1:43, Evilpumpkin attacks my character Hellofriend for 999,999 damage and I died. I didn’t see him at any point before or after this.
  • At 4:28, Biggiebadguy appears to teleport from one side of this zone to the other after I hit him with an attack.

The easiest way to submit video evidence is to include an external link in your petition text; for example, an unlisted YouTube video or Google Drive folder.

Keep in mind, submitting a video link does not guarantee any specific action by Customer Support as all reports are still reviewed and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Video evidence can be incredibly helpful to us while conducting these evaluations. By publishing these guidelines, we hope to assist you in making your report as helpful and informative as possible.

Joyous hunting and merry killing,
GM Umborls and the Customer Support Team

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