One Month Since Anniversary, Still No 'Devotee' Badge


Back in late November I began a thread as I was concerned that due to the DDoS attacks on the forum, and as such being unable to log in on the days affected, I would be unable to obtain my ‘Devotee’ forum badge.

However, the thread did span out into several other areas of discussion, and I did not recieve a straight answer on this subject. However, other members dutifully came foward to inform me that they still recieved their Devotee badges despite the disruption caused by the DDoS attacks. So I decided that I would leave the issue be for now, and see if I still recieve my badge in due time.

To the absolute best of my knowledge and recollection* (although it was one year ago, so please forgive any inaccuracies), I have logged into to the forum every day now since I first joined, meaning that I should have recieved the Devotee badge on the 9th December 2019. However, more than one month has now elapsed since my anniversary date on the forum, and I still have not been awarded my Devotee badge (possibly due to the DDoS interuption). This badge represents a significant amount of time and dedication for me; one year of consistent participation to fulfil the criterion. I have been very patient, and given it over one month to be awarded now. However I still have not recieved it. It is not fair that I should have to miss out on my badge due to the action of lousy crooks. Therefore I would like to ask someone:

Q: Could someone please be kind enough to look into this and give me a straight answer as to what is happening with my Devotee badge?

I will try @Ignasi, although this may be more a job for @AndyB. I am happy to discuss this either here or in a PM. Gentlemen, a little help please…?


Sorry, I obviously cannot help you with the problem itself, just wanted to point out that - just like myself - you currently sit at 363 days visited for the last year, and I would assume that this would prevent any automatic awarding of this badge.

According to the forum list, there’s only one member who has visited the full 365 days, yet they have never made a single post. However there’s quite a few who sit at 364. I am not going to speculate exactly what this means, just pointing it out.


It’s only under circumstances like this that I look at my numbers. That is indeed remarkable, I just don’t have anything to say about it. :smiley:


Cool. Im not sure where you read that information Mikey, but I cant see it. However I almost always tend to use the forum from my mobile device. Yep, Im going to wager that those 2 days I missed were the ones of the DDoS attack. I couldnt Log In as per usual for 2 days. It sounds like you are in the same boat here?

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Are you talking about the Devotee badge (like CF mentioned) or something else? Because there’s a few of us that have earned Devotee, including myself and most-recently Multigun…

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That’s how it looks on PC - depending in your forum-browsing platform it might be slightly different :man_shrugging:

(incidentally the profile who was listed as 365 days visited yesterday is listed as 364 today - possibly something to do with timezones or specific login times, I don’t know the ins and outs of this particular forum software)


Thankyou for coming foward to reveal this Larathiel. I wanted to cite precedent in that you (and Multi too I now learn) have still recieved your Devotee badges in spite of being unable to log in during the disruption. However, I didnt want to just openly state this without your giving it the nod of approval. Furthermore, I didnt want to seem like I was dragging you into this. Much obliged friend.

No reply yet, but it is only early days. I have waited one month, I am more than willing to wait a little longer.

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Oh wow, those stats are a cool find! :smiley:

@Croms_Faithful BTW, if it’s any consolation, you guys all do have what many would consider the most prestigious badge on the forums: you’re all Asurians. :slight_smile:


Personally I’m not overly concerned with this badge, but different things have different meanings to people, and I fully support old Crom’s quest for it since it clearly means something to him :blush:


It probably means that they visited 364 days in the last 365, so maybe they didn’t log on yesterday, for example. Possibly they triggered “Devotee” and stopped logging on every day?

The “Yearly” query value is a moving target.

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I’ll just say Croms, that even if you don’t have the devotee badge, you have it in our heart. You are an active member of the forums and your contributions are invaluable !


You can post that also as link :wink:

And damn… I have really much replies :smiley: :smiley: 2000 replies and only here since June last year :smiley: :smiley:

@Larathiel is the master of likes given:

You can really see nice statistics there :smiley:
Or granted likes and seeing how the top post are the Chosen of Asura


Oh geez! :sweat_smile: I promise, I really do use the Like button for more than just indicating I’ve read or acknowledged a post! Generally it’s because I either agree with something and want to show support, want to acknowledge a well-argued and polite response (even if I disagree), or to offer encouragement to those making helpful (or fun) contributions. :slight_smile:


I know, I guess Im just kind of a goal driven person, I like to achieve. Even when I hit the top ill just instinctively start searching for other projects to occupy myself. Its largely the same with trophies/achievements; once I have completed and mastered the game I generally begin to complete the trophies I percieve as achievable (ie-dont represent an over propotionate time investment or ludicrous difficulty level) including Platinums. It may be the completionist in me. The other part is that I just cant understand why you and Multigun still recieved it, yet others such as myself and Mikey didnt.

Well thankyou Gavinrad that is so kind of you to say; you flatter me sir. Although I assure you that your own contributions are equally valuable. For now I will remain patient and hope that Ignasis or AndyB will be kind enough to reply.


Weird, it says I have visited 364 days but I have the badge if I look at the ones I earned on my profile.
This also just made me realize that I literally opened this forum site at least once a day for so long… kinda crazy thinking about it.


The stats probably don’t update real time; I think it’s once a day, usually. Look at your weekly and monthly, and you will see that it logs you as 7 days visited and 31 days visited, respectively. I almost guarantee that if you look tomorrow it will show the same.

Looking at you now in user accessible output, it shows you as having visited today, but shows me currently as not having visited. Even though I’m like, here :slight_smile:

It will accurately reflect me as having visited tomorrow, probably.


Hi Force, nice to formally meet you on the forum.

I dont wish to be too presumptuous here, but I believe that I may have worked out why users such as yourself and @Larathiel have obtained this badge, whereas others such as myself and @Mikey did not. The ‘Devotee’ badges criterion states that the user must log on for 365 consecutive days. It seems that the people who did still recieve it logged on for 364 days, while those who only logged in for 363 did not recieve it. Maybe Funcom gave a 1 day exemption to logging in during the attack(!?). But here is the problem with this, well for me at least:

Despite my best efforts, and by that I mean trying NUMEROUS times, I was unable to log in on both days. Im too daft to put it all together in my mind, but we all live in different time zones, and my guess is that on the other day, my window could have been during sleeping hours (again…[!?]). Here is my point I was trying to convey; I) I was unable to log in on either day II) Since we all affected differently, at different hours, we shouldnt be compelled to wake up in shifts to try and log in at the eleventh hour because of the actions of a criminal. So to the good folks at Funcom, I ask you kindly:

PLEASE grant an ‘exemption’ for the second day too:pray: :crossed_fingers: I would not remember to log in for 363 consecutive days just to happen to ‘forget’ on the ones which coincides with a hacker attack. Pleeeaase. I hope this all makes sense…


Hey there, you should now have the Devotee badge as of this posting. Thank you for your support and dedication!


Yay, justice for @Croms_Faithful! See you in the Devotee lounge, martinis are at 7. :cocktail: :cocktail: :cocktail:


I guess you are right about this. To be honest though, I didn’t even realize there were these badges in the forums and I wonder: do they do anything? Or are they simply achievements like on Steam and so on?
Haven’t noticed any difference “before and after” I had badges though I think being able to post links was part of it which I needed for my Age of Conan guides but I am really not sure.

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