Onslaught: locations of all Treasure chest

Hi! Coords of location of treasure chests are
219 264

205 185

131 171

163 302

356 236

In this video it shows better
you will need a key like this to open one of them ( looted from bosses)
Every chest gives 100 mythical relic for a total of 500, unfortunately it’s una tantum, so when you complete them don’t need/greed the key again, don’t be trollz :smiley:

edit: also the pano is at 106 250

reachable by the climbing point at 112 261


Good info. Might I suggest to Funcom that they block rolling on these keys once a character has had 5. I had 5 on TOS and could roll on a 6th but can’t use it.

That’s ripe for trolling in pug groups.


I wish the chests could be repeated, so people would have a bonus source of relics occasionally to lessen the grind.

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I can’t see how this could be solved in game code but I can see an extra 6th chest which can be opened once a day/week with random stuff in, for instance relics from 10 up to 50/100 etc

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5 Simple Ideas

  1. If the chest’s loot tables contained incrementally better items (per # of waves), then people could decide for the quick reward or delay using a key until 10, 15, 20 … for more.

  2. Designate certain chests to open after wave thresholds are met 10, 15, 20 …

  3. Provide an NPC to cash in unused keys - exit camel?

  4. Prevent Rolling on Keys after attaining 5

  5. A Chaos gem style loot table, where rather than class designating the reward it is # of keys. For example if keys = less than 5 then loot is a key, and if keys = more than 5 they see another item to roll on

Loot could include atlantean shards to keep the Onslaught Mode relevant for everyone

@Andri Thank you for your time assembling this thread

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nice joke bro

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