So where to find treasure?

Id like to get an idea where to find this new treasure.
I went through 5 unnamed city bosses, WB scorpion and whole of New Asagarth + some smaller camps and have so far found nothing besides couple measly coins…

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RHTS randomly have small treasures. Some of the bigger camps have larger treasures. It’s random, though. My clan mate found a treasure in one of the round houses in the mounds on the south side of the water.

I found lemurian statue in Xel-ha on the ground. Small treasures from chests in Sepermeru on roofs.

I found small treasures on NPCs inside the Midnight Grove, for whatever reason XD

I found gilded urn on a bandit leader (1 skull) in sepermeru

Also found a gilded urn in the chest of Duneman the dragoon near the Den

The Black Galley.
In the “hold” near where the bearer spawns and where all the priests tend to be.

Yeah I found the cat there. But I fell down a cliff trying to carry it back and it vanished completely. Didnt land on the ground nor on the cliff. I guess because the wall was too uneven for it to land on…

Well, precious metals (gold and silver) and the few treasure statues were in the game for a long time. So you should know where to get these.
The mini treasures randomly drop from enemies.
Heroic treasures are found in big npc camps (Black Galleon, New Asgard, etc) Each of these has multiple spots where a treasure can spawn. I am pretty sure only one can spawn at a time, but can’t confirm atm.

@Pixelcave to the rescue again.
They have separate videos for Exiled Lands and Siptah.


Great videos. Such bothersome locations on Siptah, though. But, I guess they wouldn’t be heroic if they were easy to get. I guess I need to go plop a teleporter close to the areas.

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