Ooh plot twist for nudity

If you’re an outdated old fool like myself.
Who’s cheap, lazy, has bad grammar aaand bad spelling… Listen up.

If you’re like me and own conan exiles on ps4 disc. Uninstall it, reinstall it without updating the game and bam! Full nudity.

My dongs flapping in the breeze.
My palace full of many naked people.
(most of them asian)
The game has crashed once but thats really no different than playing the updated version last week while I was just walking around exploring new areas.

Also restarting the game made me laugh as i was exiled for the crimes of
Bribing a guardsman
Lewd behavior with a corpse
Skulduggery and buggery.

PS. Im not crazy, just enjoying life too much to care about proper grammar and over reacting to when funcom took away our nudity… Full refunds!

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Lols, genius.:rofl:

I’ve considered this but figured my current single player save file wouldn’t be compatible with on-disc version of game. Plus I don’t think the game allows you to play online without updating.

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