Op Demi-god player build

On your browser google YouTube Flirtze (no not Flirtzo) check out the demigod build video he’s got posted and maybe even hit the sun button for him. He’s a good dude, means well. It’s op asf and def needs attention. Haven’t seen anything about it here in the forums.

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If it’s the build I think you mean, I want to applaud whoever first came up with it for creativity.

That said, yes, it needs to be addressed (although I’m tempted to try it on Single-Player).

Fall damage and Mario build can help you get rid of these guys.

They can only roll in order to move around quickly. If you see a guy doing only rolls, just avoid him.

If it is used in base defense, try to kill him with the methods mentioned above.

Also try to clear his corruption. I have also not tested weapons that corrupt enemies. If you manage to corrupt him down to 1 HP, he might die from anything then.

The temporary corruption from using transportory stones doesn’t seem to clear with dancers, but it lasts for a pretty short time anyway in my experience. (Haven’t gone down the deep end the super-build requires, though, but I did place dancers at both ends of the teleporter and they didn’t have any effect on me.) And I suspect corrupting weapons respect the 50 % “soft” limit of corruption and won’t have any effect on an already fully corrupted player. But it may be worth testing. (I can’t really test this on Single-Player though.)

Just trying to bring attention to an exploit that multiple YouTubers believe needs a hot fix, that’s all guys.

And the super Mario build is just troll asf. I’m sure people having fun with it right now but honestly how long can that last when pvp is gonna be diminished to a bunch of nakeds just hopping around with an inventory full of leather looking for a cheap 1 tap kill….really. Just my opinion of course.

lmao rabbit that demigod build is hilarious I gotta try that out

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