Open for hiring

Hannah over Sepermeru will sell Serf Contracts one can use to hire artisans around the city. Hannah can also help with barkeepers if one is not interested in purging for it.


The system will rely on the serf contract which Hanna will sell.
With it one can hire artisans, or hire a performer as a barkeeper.
The hired barkeepers will be barkeepers but keep the dancer appearance.

Merging with the Under the Influence, there will be some system soon that will tie events and other stuff to guests you can invite to the tavern. Something to start avoiding the “purge” for stuff.

I think some people might have “purge fatigue”, I am sure to be one, but the main reason is that I dont want to have to purge to get things unrelated to purges, even if I still want to purge for purge sake.

I have finished adding up the subsystems for the mod to work with taverns. With Social Contract the barkeeper has a lot of things they can do.
I am designing some ways to control or change how hiring npcs work. Some restrictions on who or when it can be done, and some added capabilities (I have the system, just dont really implemented any gameplay for it), even a way to get thieves to come around your tavern in a way like the purge or the night event we had.

It would be nice if the people who use or have interest in the mod to get down the discord and give some advice on how they use it or what they want it to be going forward.

I decided against using mods to add content to the social contract mod, as it would require the whole devkit and the whole use of it to add content.
The main content will remain in the mod, and work as it has. The new part just allows people to add a codex to expand the dialogue content of NPCs. IT will require still some “macro knowledge”, but can be “developed” inside the game, instead of requiring the devkit to do so.
I will make a better version of the old codex system, in which key parts of the personality and knowledge of the NPC are stored, but the overall programming is already on the mod.
A better version of this:

I have updated the mod for dynamic content not only for each thrall, but some will have shared content. The vendors in Sepermeru will sell stuff but also be a kind of service hub.
The system is fully done but not fully “fed”, so conversations still not complete. The idea is that progression of thralls rely not only on random aspects and “sort of” food, but also specific training and building.
To make it a “game”, I decided to use the [spoiled] Staff of [spoilers] as the focal point for the powers to shape up the “social” aspects.
So the possibilities of how the followers will follow will be a matter of build, like thralls who simply follow you, thralls who can charge ahead in certain situations without the need of command for it, thralls assume certain formations while standing around.
The prototype was:

Then the Horn:

Then the duo team work:

To objective is inspired by this idea: