Opening Sequence Movie - Editors Error (No Big Deal - Just A Hmmmm) on the "Blood"

All the Blood that is dripping from her toes … is coming from where (what wound)?

It’s said a little tongue in cheek, but this is the thing an editorial review should have caught as it’s a basic logic flaw. In the entire opening sequence there are no open bleeding wounds on her head, upper body, and the upper 60% of her lower body…with that much blood that’d be a heck of an ankle or calf wound and standing and fighting would be a bit harder than she pulls off… even in the end sequence full body view before her buildings and armor transforms - nada on the wounds needed for that much blood to be running down her feet and toes.

It’s not game breaking, not a huge deal, nor really anything but an interesting miss for those doing the opening movie. More a thing that you go - oooo, makes sense, no biggy, and just smile and roll your eyes… before enjoying the game.

It’s probably too late to recut the move - so just an interesting observation.

PS: Knowing some of sickness out there… let’s leave references to a cycle out of it.

You mean when you are crucified? Conan pulls stakes out of your hands.

Can read whether you’re being tongue-in-cheek, but note that in the opening movie the rest of us watch, she and all of the crucified are tied, not nailed, to the crosses… no blood… which is the reason he swings the axe… to chop the ropes. Watch near and far shots - all are tied with ropes.

She’s nailed post opening in game (she/he being your choice). Maybe she’s um… you know… um… it aint a he!.. wouldnt be the first blooper in a cinematic.

In the New Game cinematic,

when your character is on the “corpse tree” as the C-Man calls it, it’s not obvious. But when he knocks down the cross, he has to pull the railroad spikes from your hand(s). Also, there’s a vulture that may or may not have been pecking at you previously, that is

prior to his arrival from the fog, possibly hit by Conan’s axe.

Yes, stakes that leave no visible wounds or blood.

I think the opening movie is supposed to show Razma of Shem, but that is just my interpretation. This would make since, because her story is already under way while you are still on the tree.

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That would make some sense. Ive never compared the in game model of her to check but that seems easily verifiable.

I thought that was a given… but I guess it’s confusing since it then goes on to question “the exile” what they will do, yadda yadda.

I think debating about whether blood makes sense in such detail is kinda misplaced, a person having stakes deep through their hands and feet wouldn’t be able to walk properly or hold anything.
So yeah… It’s just for the “coolness” factor. Because no one would want to have a overly realistic trailer where someone is crucified because the way it’s portrayed the character would most likely be dead after a few hours (or maybe a day) anyway.

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“Conan releases you from your cross. You have an infection. It becomes septic. You die.”

bracelet just falls off…


Wouldn’t be a debate if they’d simply used rope as real crucifixions were done, instead of nails/spikes to copy the Jesus crucifixion for some reason.

Some reason probably being that it’s how it was described in Howard’s stories also. Conan himself was crucified in “A Witch Shall Be Born” and they used nails there, too.

Of course you can go further back and wonder where Howard got his idea of crucifixion from, but meh. Crucifixion = nailed to a cross is established tradition in the Conanverse, that’s good enough for me.

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