Option to NEVER let go when climbing, except when i want to

why is it that ones character decides to let go when climbing sometimes?

i have no idea how many tiems ive fallen to my death because my guy thought he could let go and that he could stand on a piece of small wall, only to realize he couldnt, so i fall and die.

well im fed up with getting killed over that so im here making a suggestion.

make it an option, if you want to have it as it is now, or manually letting go when YOU want him to let go.

Your character will still let go when taking damage, otherwise it wouldnt make sense. but im talking regular climbing. id like to control WHEN to let go. not when he wants to.

also except when he has to get above something, a ledge etc. but maybe thats where the problem is? i dont know

im not an amateur, ofc i know he lets go when out of stamina.

its the grip part that irritates me, when suddenly my guy cant get a grip and he decides to fall.

i get the stamina part, ive been climbing a lot. you try to climb and get that specific angle at a place and suddenly he just lets go.

or trying to climb up some weird hill thing and your guy think its not steep enough that he doesnt need to climb so he lets go only to find out it was too steep and you fall down. thats so annoying.

This beardedragon guy just makes L2P posts then for some reason gets his panties in a knot when someone tries to help him.

Basically his climbing issues are L2P but he wants the developers to make some code changes so he can continue to suck at the game and not die.

Characters do let go sometimes for no reason.

I was climbing a flat, smooth surface but my character kept letting go when I reached a certain height, and I’ve seen this in many different places. It wasn’t due to stamina as I wear gear that drops stamina usage from climbing to 0 and I can go a different way to finish climbing, so it’s not an altitude issue either.

I’d rather see issues like this get fixed than for them to add a silly workaround.

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I experienced this too, when I know that particular place I’ll climb, I like to call that let go spots as slippery ^, so its a path to avoid.

Rather than being slippery, it looks like there’s some collision taking place with invisible ledges.

Check out this video and you’ll see my character ‘slip’ a couple of times, but then once I get above that spot, I’m able to stand on something invisible.

@krbhi I don’t understand how someone can simply dismiss anything as a “L2P” issue considering the numerous bugs and glitches in this game. The number is so absurdly high that anyone should be given the benefit of the doubt until their claims have been thoroughly tested, regardless of how they conduct themselves.

@krbhi I don’t understand how someone can simply dismiss anything as a “L2P” issue considering the numerous bugs and glitches in this game. The number is so absurdly high that anyone should be given the benefit of the doubt until their claims have been thoroughly tested, regardless of how they conduct themselves.

There are bugs with climbing but not really that much above and beyond other MMO’s over the years - most of them don’t allow climbing at all so asking for a perfect climbing experience is a very tall order. I actually think the climbing in this game is pretty good. In the case of this game most of the time the glitches are avoidable or possible to deal with. But the OP seems to be implying he dies A LOT from climbing - not just a few times which makes me think it’s more than just what you are showing in your video. Also what he is describing is not what you are showing in your video. You are showing a bug while he is requesting a new feature. Apples and oranges.

But to request a “never let go” feature? Basically no risk to fall from climbing? I don’t like that idea at all, especially in PvP. A clan raiding my base could have an easier time if they click “easy mode climbing”? lol. I would much rather have the developers focus on more game breaking problems that cannot be avoided.

I wouldn’t normally just say “L2P” - I’d normally try to find out what the exact problem is and try to give some pointers but Shadoza tried that angle and look at the response.

I wouldn’t want that feature either.

Our characters may or may not be letting go for the same reason, but the end result is the same. They shouldn’t be letting go without reason. I’ve experienced exactly what he has described as well, I just don’t have a video of every bug/glitch I come across.

Asking a well established company to fix bugs in a supposedly finished product isn’t unreasonable, at least not to me. The requested feature is one way to get around the problem, but he’d probably be happy without it if climbing worked properly (and for the most part it does, I think it’s pretty good too but it still has problems.).

thank you and this is what im trying to address. that my guy rather often just let go and i would prefer if i could actually be in charge of when he lets go or not.
but yes if the bug was fixed, and im assuming that it is a bug, then there would be no need for a feature. that is correct.

i know. but i kind of understand that i let go when taking damage which i wrote, so i thought everyone knew that I knew myself, that i would let go from stamina loss as well.

this was purely when your guy decides to let go on his own for no apparent reason.

You did not understand at all what i was writing then.

First of all:
yes i have died quite a few times, because suddenly theres an invisible ledge that makes my guy stop climbing, only for him to not be able to stand on it, and i fall down and die. i have also landed on said invisible ledge and died like i landed on the ground, despite the fact i was trying to fall down (on purpose) to grab on to some wall on the way down.

yes i have died a few times from these bugs which ARE bugs. i cant help that im killed by bugs, and i use a lot of my time with climbing so id say im pretty good at it by now.

Second of all:
the feature itself will NOT have ANY difference in pvp, what so ever. the feature to never let go, STILL makes your character lose his grip when taking damage, running out of stamina, and what not. for all the reasons you would otherwise let go, you still let go. it simply wont let go in a normal situation unless you tell him to, by pressing shift or what button you want to use for that. like when you try to climb up a hill, you can see him starting to almost crawl and you can decide to let go manually and walk the rest of the way. thats what i wanted the feature to do, never let go untill i wanted him to, to avoid my guy making a sudden jump up an invisible ledge only to fall down again.

if the bug of letting go unneededly would be fixed, there wouldnt need to be a feature.

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