Issue with climbing, fall at the top, loose grip

There is an issue when climbing, at the top, he jump and fall. Like he lose grip.

There is something wrong, please check.


I experience this too… when I climb my wall and try to jump over, my char just fall down instead of climbing up over…

Same here

Is this a natural wall (like a cliff) or a constructed one? If a constructed one, is there fencing at the top, or a fence foundation built into the side of the wall? Fencing has spikes, which will knock you off & prevent you from climbing/vaulting over. Some climbable locations–whether ancient Acheronian walls or cliff-faces–are a bit glitchy, making you lose your grip and slide back down when you don’t see any reason why you should. If that’s the case (and especially if it keeps happening in the same location), try climbing up from a different spot. Literally changing your approach by a couple meters one way or the other often clears the problem for me. Also, while climbing, make sure to hold down spacebar the entire time. Don’t let go until you’re at the top.

Its on foundations and other things and its more bugged than before the patch.


Yeah, characters have a tendency to loose grip at the top of foundations and similar sharp edges. That wasn’t the case before iirc. It’s not caused by fences/spikes.

One can try to jump after loosing grip. Sometimes, the character manages to jump onto the roof. Unreliable and annoying, though.

I think it’s a physics thing, as I sorta hop/bounce and if you aren’t doing angles like :arrow_upper_left: or :arrow_upper_right: at the top, you can fall all the way to the bottom. Which really sucks after you climbed to the top of an area to learn climbing gear.

Same, I bet it’s caused by their climbing ‘fix’, sometimes can;t even jump on one foundation square without jiggling up and down. Most of the fixes that came with 2.5 are just mess, for example stagger update makes thralls impossible to fight without getting hit, chest fix free legendary weapons and many more.

One thing I’ve found helps me considerably with climbing over corners, especially since recent patch, is camera angle. (This originally solved some climbing problems I was having at specific points on a modded map, and now seems to be working pretty reliably to help with whatever’s changed since the patch.) -
As you get to the lip of the climb try to rotate the camera view around the character from bottom to top - so as I approach the top I’m looking up at the character (so i know where the top is), then as I reach the top I slowly roll the mouse forward to bring the view to directly behind, and then as I go over the top I continue moving the view so that I’m looking down toward the ledge - this seems to help me (I haven’t fallen recently…). (Might sound complicated, but really it’s just moving the mouse forward slightly.)

Maybe I’m just not getting the bug (which would be weird, but, eh, weirder things have happened…), but hopefully this may help others?


Hey there,

We’re aware of this one. We’re looking to polish it as soon as possible.
Sorry for the close calls until then!

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This. Absolutely this.

yeah, looking down at the ground as you come over the edge seems to move the character forward slightly, preventing the vertical ‘pop’ that causes falling.

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