Option toUpgrade Walls

Please add , so we can upgrade walls , why there’s not such option ?! it’s so boring to rebuild whole base, I mean come on …

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You can already do this, albeit one wall / other piece at a time.
Upgrading the whole base in one go (and why you can’t) is probably tied to whatever issues make it so you can’t tear down an entire base in one go either (unless it’s decayed).


Yep, if you have basic stone walls, you can upgrade it without doing anything, torches and wall decorations even stay where they are and don’t get destroyed. I was pleasantly surprised by this.

Try putting tier 2 and tier 3 building pieces in the same spot. Should work as long as it is the same building piece type. (Wall piece for Wall piece, foundation piece for foundation, etc.)

I think this would be a great feat to a “artisan” thrall with the option, depending on tier, to calculate how many of building pieces of a lower tier your surrounding base has (being around the artisan bench) and lets you drop that number of materials in to auto upgrade the pieces. A T2 base would require a T3 or T4 artisan thrall which can provide you a calculated cost to upgrade your surrounding building pieces to T3 without having to individually upgrade each.

I imagine this would be a coding nightmare to accomplish but as far as quality of life and the benefit of finding a T3 or T4 artisan thrall would be very high. The same could go for the purpose of repairs, but that would need to be restricted to when no nearby enemies exist otherwise purge/raids would be very unbalanced.

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