Orb of Nergal/fodder for human thralls

Please consider creating an item or a ‘crafting station’ like the Orb of Nergal that allows us to customize thrall’s skin colour, (facial) hair and most importantly voice lines per faction. There are probably already mods out there doing this but having an official option to allow console players to do so as well would surely be a well used item. If added to the bazaar for even 1500-2000 crom coins i’d still be quite sure plenty people would buy it, it would add some nice variety to the thralls and, as an extention, the bases people have. Being able to use Exiles voice lines for Yamatai thralls or Darfari voice lines for Pictish thralls for example would really create more immersion, as opposed to nearly everyone feeling it is necessary to have female thralls that come with Cimmerian Tribe or Relic Hunter voice lines, to avoid excessive mentions of Crom’s poxy balls, the fear of outsiders and Set.

I for sure would buy it as one of the very few (maybe even only) bazaar item i’d spend money on, if not more than €10 on. I already bought all the DLCs pre-Siptah but wouldn’t mind laying down money literally just for a feature like this.


Please! I’ve been asking this for so long!
On console we don’t have mods. PC players can customize their thralls for ages now. Don’t leave us behind.


Flesh crafting for sorcerers or something perhaps.


Love this it should be a station to edit are thrall’s I would also pay money for this. But I also ask that it lets us change and edit the weapons and armor of the Thralls stationed as well like the Blacksmith, priest, etc. thralls we can’t place to change what they have on.

Also, side topic about the Orb we do have to change the way we look. If we have [Jhebbal sag] as a religion, why is there no options to add some cosmetic looks to fit that… like Sharp Claw like nails ect… Would really be cool to see some stuff like this added.


//Crom’s poxy balls,// I thought it was “foxy balls” and it still did not make sense to me, to be honest. o.O

Sorry for slightly OP question, but I was trying to find out why some speach lines come with the written text and some not. I would really love to see what exactly are those thralls saying, in some cases.

Are those quotes somewhere to be found?

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