Order of players on unconquered leaderboard

Was just wondering what the criteria are for ordering the players on the unconquered leaderboard, mostly with level category of ALL players. I thought it was based on the order that still unconquered players achieved level 80. But I noticed that the toon I had listed has dropped a couple of levels… I would have thought the opposite would happen… that is, my toon would move up if anyone ahead of me died and lost their status. So, there must be some other criteria in place…?

I believe it’s achievement points.

That doesn’t make sense to me. There are 3 filters for the leaderboards; one by age, one by achievement points, and one by level. There does not seem to be any correlation between level and achievement, since the order changes significantly when you look at the different filters. So, I’m still in the dark as to what determines where you show up when looking at level when there are two or more players at level 1.

I suspect that the ordering of players that have the same position on the leaderboard is more or less random.
They likely get shown in the order they happen to be found in the character database.

I was starting to think the same thing. So, basically once you’re at level 1, the order is meaningless. When there are more than 20 players at level 1, I wonder if you might not even be on the board consistently.