Orders of Thralls


is it possible to color the current orders of the thralls for example collorrer “attack distance 50 meters” if the one is chosen so on, I’m tired of having to click 50 times on all the orders ^^
And if possible the possibility of saving some customizable profiles, for example “Profile 1 Archer of tower”, because I have several arches on tower and it is a hell of having to configure everything

Thanks !

Edit : it’s been several days that my thralls are emote seated and today most of them remain standing, I ask myself the following question, have the orders been reset? this is very important because they are tower archers and they must be on “attack all” and “50 meters attack”, I can’t afford a mistake on my pvp server

Edit 2 : I want to thank you for correcting that the thralls no longer fall from the towers, it’s a great job (I had stopped the game partly for that)


Could be something like adding a “command table station/console”, where you could i.e. make “groups” (“NW sector wall guards”, “all archers”, etc.) and set up the orders for the whole group.


And do not forget the coloring of the current orders in each bracket :slight_smile:

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