Org on RK2019 most helpful for newbies?


Which org would be most helpful for newbies on the new server? By helpful, I mean in teaming, advice, etc. not physical items.


Which side? neut/omni/clan?


oh, sorry. Clan


You can check out Devil Inside/ Athen Paladins/ Mjolnir/ The Kingdom… those are good orgs with really good population. I’m in The Kingdom (almost +20 people online all the time) and they are helpful/ making raids etc.




Please dont be discouraged if you cant join immediately.

Some dont invite everyone and you need a vouche for immediate access.
Talk to some people, join their channel and get to know them.

We have around 30 Players usually online and we prefer quality instead of quantity. Its better to have a smaller less toxic and more helpful community as an org, this has nothing to do with elitism. Nobody checks your gear or knowledge about AO.