Other control setting after last update

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This is the default “E” Button. Default was you can walk and press and hold the E button for harvest with the hands all things in your way. Or you want destruct a wall you press E button, the menue opens, you change destruction and let go off the E button the wall destroyed.

After last updated this no longer go! By harvesting with the hands only goes if all things in near by you, if them a little bit far away, so you must press the E button again! And by destruction a wall you must press the left mouse button. That’s not good. Bevor the update the control was perfect.

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I actually like that you have to click on the destruction option to destroy something.

About the harvesting, I see what you mean. I can’t say that I like it.

I don’t, but each to their own.

Thats why this should be customisable in the settings for each radial menu.

The point is, bevor update goes this automaticly, yet no longer and you must every time press the E button. That’s not good. Bevor the last update was this better.

I play with mods and i have test it without mods and it’s a vanilla thing, not from a mod. Go back to the last control system it was easier.

Ok, I understand now better what you are reporting. Yes, you can’t keep holding E anymore to get the radial menu between actions or harvest nodes while they are not within your immediate reach. I agree with you, the old way was better.

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