Our Second Settlement: Iron Town (with a Public Tavern)

This is a picture of our second settlement, which we call either “Iron Town” or “Second Town” or sometimes “The Riddle of Steel” (since this is where we figured out how to make steel). It houses the 10 people in the clan. Its along a main road, so we kept the road open. I run a public tavern that offers free food to whomever comes by. We have most temples, and inside of the secure craft hall are most crafting stations. It grew organically over about one week. We started the settlement where we first found Iron Stone. Its where we learned about connected foundations and guard thralls.

This is the server:

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Thats the same spot I built a small town over as well. :slight_smile:

This is amazing ,I’m considering joining an rp server sometime,ive never tried one but it’s something that attracts me

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