Over 1,000,000 Served



gratz to all participating to complete this milestone
merr xmass all the best to all of you guys


Gratz to you emsor! First member of EOS saga!


Congratulations Saga!

Way to go Prince Ptah!



Congrats all, we’ll make sure the reward is sent out as soon as folks are back in the office! :tada:


Thank you all, especially you, o’Prince without your guild we probably would be still at 60% lol :beers:


The Stygian Horde will rise again !!!

Mark my words ye shall taste our FURY!


cloak anyone?


When do we get the lobster/crab cloak? :slight_smile: We have reached over 1.5 mill kills, any dates?:):+1:


Likely this Thursday after server maintenance


I guess their people are not so often at the office…:shushing_face:


The cloak has been distributed as of today :slight_smile:


Is there some rp symbolism behind the lobster? Who or what is selkhet!!! Inquiring roleplayers demand answers


It has no meaning other then making me hungry every time I see the lobster lol :smile: :):grinning:


The cloak has everything you could dream of: low textures, boring design, ugly colors and a scorpion drawn by a kid. It fits for a king… maybe conan himself should wear it? :joy:


Conie can don the rest of the Saga Vanity so he can maximize the glory.


Looking forward to hearing what is next for saga of blood. Also hoping you announce the content plans for the game for 2019. Can we expect such an announcement?

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