Over 1,000,000 Served




Since its launch, you’ve accumulated over 1,000,000 total kills on Saga of Blood. But, we require more sacrifices! MORE BLOOD!

Back when Saga of Blood was first launching, we announced a kill counter that would track server-wide kills, with a community-wide reward for meeting the goal. Today, we’re happy to set that goal:

1,500,000 kills!

At the rate you’re going, it shouldn’t take too much longer…

Hit the goal and every character on Saga of Blood gets the Cloak of Selkhet, an exclusive vanity reward!

Cloak Saga of Blood

Also if someone wants to guess what date you’ll hit 1.5 million, I’d love to make that into a little game of sorts. Gimmie your guesses :tada:


Can you buy your graphics art designers an animal book? The scorpion looks like a lame lobster. Where is the sting? Fishy move… :joy::joy::joy:




I guess on 15th Dec!


Jan 3rd


I would love to know how many toons were created and how many of those toons make it to 80. And compare that to the same measures for the pve saga server.


hmm all player are lvl80 and back to crom, I guess never


I still want to know how many were in my guild :slight_smile:

We’d easily be over 1.5 were it not for vacation!


https://leaderboards.ageofconan.com/ Now updated with progress bar (and less tiling in the background)!


Fear not!!! I’m back from vacation. We can achieve this.


Yes, just gather the stygian slaves up in a fine line and i will get this done in a couple of days😊 tell them to not move that much. I need to aoe killem for maximum power.


We went up 3% today. Tomorrow is going to be another blood day! I’m confident we can break 90% progress this weekend.


As of a few minutes ago we where at 84%. That’s 1,260,000 server wide kills. EoS 204,292 total PvP kills. That is about 16%, Not all that great fro a guild that has maybe 50% of the active PvP population.


They got like 98% of the deaths tho… should count for something


You assume my goal is to win and get kills. That’s wrong. I just left a 100+ man battle in AE. The first big battle since we hit 80. That’s the EOS impact. Nightwatch hispanos…khopshef…eos…usb…all fighting.

The week I went on vaca the ticker went from 78-80. This week since Tuesday we hit 84%…50% increase. Additionally the siege had 60 people.

Saga ain’t dead…the Price has returned!!

as of sunday we are now 87%

Tuesday brought us to 88 % (10% in a week)


If we step up efforts we can finish this in 1 week.


91% we are slowing a bit. finishing in 9 days


96% on track for thursday