Overlapping with another Object or terrain - Please give us a clue?

OK I have suffered this way too long and just put up with it. I know this is probably way to close to release to be achievable and I am sure it may take a lot of reworking to achieve it however.

Please oh Please can you highlight with an outline that shows through objects what it is that is stopping me from placing objects and getting the warning in the title. I have had to replace loads of things in order to see what it was that was causing the blockage when a simple highlighted object could render this process solvable first time around.

Also while we are on it Can you please make the area of influence for Furnace’s and Armour workstations within the 1 block height and not encroaching on the placing of ceilings above it and for that matter objects on the floor above it. This one is so stupid and I can not believe that it has not been done at all by now.