Owner/Admin Logs

Hello, I am an Owner/Admin of a Conan Exiles server. I have been running this server since 1 week after it was available from STEAM. I love the game and the fact that you guy’s have stayed on top of improving and optimizing it! Great Job!!!

One of the things that I wish you could implement is some sort of log ( Available via …\ConanExiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Logs ) for server owners to see:

  1. Players that have connected with Date/Time Stamp, Character Name, Steam Name and Steam ID. I have had instances where we have had trouble makers join the server and cause chaos and if I’m not on there is no way for me to know who these players are to add them to the Blacklist. Because the game let’s you crate a game character name, it is usually another name they use and there is no way to get their Steam info. Again this log would only be available to the server owner via the “Player Connection Log”

Thanks for all you do and taking this feature as a consideration!

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