Admins Able to See Full Recent Player List

This isn’t a huge thing to many, but on unofficial servers with people who steal from others while the victim is offline, and then go offline themselves, this is a must.
Especially on a PVE server with rules in place to try and prevent that from happening. And now, more than ever, with the names of all players removed from event logs, we need a way to try and find those who only wish harm upon others.
I don’t mean to really weed out those who do that, because I don’t want to judge how you play on other servers, but my server is a community in a discord and we are just trying to build cool stuff. We had quite a few people request to join, and we don’t really have a way to see who is stealing unless we are online 24/7.

In conclusion, a full recent player list for admin access would be very helpful.
It would be helpful also, for learning names of everyone who enjoys or plays on your server.

Edit: After getting on, today, I see that Admins now have access to only see player names on the event logs. However my request for the recent player list still stands.

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Perhaps! I haven’t checked specifically for the server I admin on. I will have to do that.

I also wish it wasn’t deactivated, but if you can toggle it, that would resolve part of the issue.

There is a code that can be added to the db for PC’s. Devs are working on the patch now so it is a settings toggle. There is a thread about it. Console can add via the G-Portal set up area. Have not confirmed.

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That is a poll, yes. Is there a way to toggle currently for private owners or no? They only said they were looking into it. And that was a while ago. There are many things that get brushed off after no one talks about it for a while.

And that still has nothing to do with recent player lists. If someone steals and goes offline, they are completely safe.

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