P-girl's Secret World Fanfic (Starring Richard Sonnac. Mostly.)

So I’ve written quite a lot of Secret World stories over the years. Mostly about Richard Sonnac, but also guest starring my Templar Main.

A chronological list.

A series focussing on the Misadventures of Richard Sonnac. From his university years to present day.



I’ve had a read of parts, P-girl, great work :slight_smile: As soon as I can clear some time, I’ll have a better read. Interpretations like this add a whole load to the character of the people in SWL, most excellent!

Thank you! The characters are probably the main reason I play this game and Richard Sonnac, I feel, is just rife with story potential.

I’m starting to proper read through, P-girl, very well written, good imagining and so on :slight_smile: I like lots what you’ve done.

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Again, thank you so much.

I wrote something else. Though for another handsome bald guy in a snappy suit then usual.
Many thanks for an anonymous message on my Tumblr prompting me to write this. Whoever you are, kudos for helping me with this.
Warning: heavy duty spoilers for Dawn of the Morninglight and possible misinterpretation of Lore (I like to play around).

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Excellently written again, P-girl… and nicely subtle… and menacing :slight_smile:

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Thank you for saying that. I’m not used to doing scary so I’m glad it’s hitting that mark.

New story (Moar Dawn of the Morninglight Spoilers):
Field Work

A more comedic ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if…?’ sort of ditty.

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Hahaha, nicely done P-girl :slight_smile: “You’ve got green on you” lol… brilliant :slight_smile:

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Here’s another short one. (I work better with short stories)

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I wrote some more.


Same basic premise as ‘I have no memory of that’ but focussed more on characters and drama.


This one actually involves one of my player characters and his… angry taughts about what happens during the ‘Choose Your Own’ mission. (Spoilers for that mission and a language warning. Sinar gets mad and when he does, he says all of the bad words.)

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