Pagoda of boundless lusts alchemist

Apparently based on my (Limited) testing, this thrall is no longer spawning in the area. There used to be a named alchemist that spawned here, but with the recent update that added more small camps and adjusted spawn rates I haven’t seen a single alchemist thrall in 2 days.

Does Sranka Blacktooth still spawn there? Link:


wait what? Where did it spawn? i’ve been on pagoda camping Fia but never saw an alchemist there, nott lvl 1 not 2 etc.

That one never spawned. Maybe in a future patch like the recently added.

I’m not 100% sure but I used to see an alchemist spawn there (Never seen the named) but now 80% of the thralls there are cooks which is insane.

been camping that spot for like a month, killing everything in sight to make Fia spawn, never have i ever seen an alchemist there

Guess I’ll have to venture far for a named alchemist which isn’t the Black Galleon one. Don’t want duplicates if possible.

I found one way up north,but have never seen kne at the Pogoda.

I know of the one near asagarth and the volcano but my base is in the desert just before the jungle and I don’t really feel like putting a wheel of pain just for a single thrall.

I still haven’t explored the north fully let alone the volcano and I’d really like to not be just for the sake of an alchemist :stuck_out_tongue:

I have seen alchemists at the pagoda but only t1 or 2.
Can get a t4 at mounds of the dead occasionally, Darmok the experimenter.
Guaranteed t4 alchemist in volcano, Sayd Secretkeeper as well as cook and blacksmith.

What I’m after is an alchemist that has the black and white dye recipes.

There is an alchemist in Bucaneers Bay but i have never seen a named there, and only T3 there once despite raiding heavily.

That’s only from purges

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