Rokur the Alchemist has left the building?

Game mode: [Online PvE Official #3731]
Problem: [Bug | Performance]
Region: [Sandward Tower]

I’ve heard tell & seen several notations that a rare as a dinosaur fart named alchemist (Rokur) can appear at the Sandward Tower just west of New Asagarth. Since I built a new base in a cave just below the ward towers I have been farming those thralls for weeks.
Issue: I’ve killed or captured all the thralls at the cluster of ward towers (including Sandward) at least 50 times in the past several weeks and I have NEVER seen Rokur or another named alchemist appear and very rarely seen any named thrall show there or in New Asagarth. At Sandward & New Asagarth, the alchemists have always just been level I & II… I may have seen one III but my psycho Dalinsia chopped him before I conked him out.
Also, I usually kill any low level crafter thralls that were unconscious, hoping to get a better version on the respawn.
Anyone else have better luck finding a named Alchemist there or elsewhere?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Attack dozens & dozens of alchemists but never see a named one.

the devotee area in the volcano, Sayd was there in two spots on the ground praying in front of (the former awsome but now neutered fighter) Vathis
i’ve seen him spawn there many times since the patch.
good luck, the devotees are no longer an easy fight without a thrall, which is great

Thanks for that @Cka3ka, so far I have not dragged any thralls out of the volcano but I guess now it’s time to man-up & get cooked.
If I have to take a thrall or pet, I’m sure hoping the last patch has made them much less clumsy… lost a few too many who mindlessly stepped into the lava.

I found him in New Asagard shortly before the parity patch. He was in the alchemist spawn spot to the left of the entrance, across and to the left of the short bridge that leads from the first building on your left.

Things are only slightly better for thrall and pet mapping in the volcano since the parity patch even being careful I lost one in lava the other day. Additionally thralls in the volcano are the most difficult to fight and to knock out.

Thanks @Dolth-ares, I’ve rampaged through New Asagarth a couple dozen times or more lately. So far I have noticed 1 or 2 alchemists at the large house you mention, plus 2 at a hut near the wall to the N of the chief’s throne room, but not yet seen ONE above level II… maybe I’ll have more luck with lottery tickets.

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