Paid for funpoints, charged but no ingame currency

So I purchased 12.000 Funpoints 2days ago for some catch up mechanics. Back then they were booked, I purchased it via the ingame store… and nothing happened. Logged out and tried to log in recieved the note " you dont have access to this area anymore". Sent a ticket… nothing happened.

So 2 days later as I really wanted my Conq on lvl 80 I bought again 12.000 funpoints. Got charged, However in the account settings it is tagged as “pending”. Sent a ticket… nothing happened. So we are talking about now 200 € where I dont get any response what so ever although I paid the money.
Is there anybody who is willing to help


Any idea how I can contact him. I dont have a twitter account.

For Funcom Points to be delivered, both your bank/card provider and our billing system have to finish the transaction. There are a lot of reasons why a delay can occur, and it’s not necessarily the sign of a problem if it does not finish immediately.

Because you’ve said this has taken 2 days, then there is likely something else going on. We need you to contact us through Funcom Help - Funcom in order to get this resolved. I’m afraid we cannot offer billing assistance through the forums or in-game petitions.

I may kindly add to this:
When I use the account log in via the ingame log in screen. It clearly shows that I paid both mentioned payments:

12000 Funcom Points offer
Status Approved

Timestamp2022-04-12 20:41:21


Total Amount99.99

And :

Payment Details
12000 Funcom Points offer
Status Approved

Timestamp2022-04-09 13:06:19


Total Amount99.99

When I use the regular account log in:

2022-04-12 12000 Funcom Points offer 99.99 EUR Pending

I HIGHLY doubt that the problem is located either with my bank/card provider

Further I already applied with 3 tickets also pointing this out/explaining that there is a problem:

AND NEVER recieved a response

Further I may add that it is obvious that I never recieved any sort of ingame currency/item claim etc

Response times for emails are very long. I’m sorry for the wait. All I can ask you to do is be patient. We will address the issue as quickly as possible.

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