Pak file corrupted or modified

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Went to get on, joined server, mods were checked, game restarted, goes to start the game on the server and I get the “pak file corrupted or modified” so I unsubscribe all the mods, and verify the game cache…which as usual says it’s all ok.

Start the game again, redownload all the mods for the server, game restarts, and goes to join the server and crashes again with the same error…verify the game files again, same thing.

This is a common reoccurring issue that is really making me hate the game. For all the good things in the game, this error is useless and just annoying. So how do I know what might or might not be causing the issue? If all the game files are verified why am I still getting the issue?

I haven’t complained about the regular game crashes, the other glitchy stuff that happens pretty much all the time, but now I can’t play the game at all and 30 min of my life has been wasted trying. If you can’t fix the error at least give me some additional information? if a mod is causing it, maybe something to identify which mod is actually causing the issue? Because right now I can’t even play the game.

If verifying your local files does not help, then this can be also caused by a mod that has not been adjusted to the latest version of Conan Exiles. At least that was the case when I experienced what you describe.

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