Pak file issues please help

I want to start out by saying this is not my issue but my buddies who plays on my dedicated server.

Most of the time its business as usual and we are just playing along doing whatever on the server, most days about every 1 - 3 hours he will get a fatal error or pak file corruption error and have to revalidate his files, its super frustrating and is an issue that we would like to see a fix to but is manageable.

However today when we were playing we could only play for roughly 3 hours before he had to give up and quit because he was getting pak file corruptions and having to revalidate after only 10 minutes of gameplay, sometimes immediately after revalidating files.

After scouring the forums in multiple places neither of us can find a solution to this or even a workaround, we are hoping that the next patch for Conan comes soon and fixes the issue but we would like to continue playing now, frankly its not worth it when we have to wait ~15 minutes out of every half hour for his game to fix itself.

Here are the solutions i know he has tried

  • Revalidating steam files

  • Clearing steam appcache

  • Clearing download cache

  • Deleting pak files in Conan to ensure they are redownloaded

  • Clean install of the game, twice

  • Turning his machine off and on again after one of the reinstalls

  • Playing the game with no mods and with mods

I do know that the issue doesnt occur in single player mode for him, only when he has connected to my “co-op” mode or my dedicated server.

ANY help is greatly appreciated

check to make sure your friend manually purged any left over files from any previous game that ran mods. If he has left over files, they will corrupt the fresh install.

That is a good suggestion ill do that

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