Pak files corrupted

Ive dealt with this issue for the last year or so ive looked it up and tried the ways ive seen people have said theyve done to fix it. It wouldn’t bother me so much if it told me this issue while loading the game up but i can be playing for a few hours and the game will randomly crash and tell me the pak files are corrupted and to checj my files integrity. Is there anything else i can do besides Uninstalling and then re-installing conan. Could it be on my end or is this on funcoms end?

it’s fc side, i had problem for more than one year, never happened before (i play since early access); i did re installl the game several time, changed installation of conan on other harddrive (3 of them, old and totally new hardrive), changed computer, and problem is still here and same

That sucks ive done most of that besides buying new hard drives or a new computer. I genuinely was curious because my bro doesnt have this issue but i do and the only difference with mine and his computer is our graphics card

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