PAK files corrupt or tampered with?

North america official server 1801

within 5 minutes to an hour of playtime my game will report that my PAK file is corrupt or tampered with, and i will be forced to close the game. It tells me to “verify the integrity of the game cache” but everytime i do that it reports that all files were successfully validated. I am using no mods at all, Nor have i ever even subscribed to any or installed any.
The server is also suffering from serious lag issues, On a possibly related note.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Just log on to the 1801 server. I’m not the only person reporting this issue.

Did you exclude the client from antivirus software?

Last time I encountered this problem on my single-player computer (same error message, Steam successfully validates all files) it was actually caused by faulty hardware. If many people are encountering this problem on the same server (and the server is also lagging), it’s entirely possible that the server itself is about to explode.

So far I had that on offical servers, private and dedicated ones and in single player. I know friends also get this frequently, whether they use mods or not. I excluded the game from my anti-virus software. So I assume it is just broken like so many things in this game are.

I would care a lot less if validating wouldn’t take half a millenia to do.

Hey there,
Does this only happen while playing on that server, or playing in other servers/offline shows this issue as well?

My game even shut own because of tampered files while swapping from the funcom logo to the main menu. Needless to say, the validation turned up no issues.

So yeah, it happens pretty much anywhere. Online, offline, official, private, dedicated, single player…

If you’re on PC, I suggest running the Windows memory diagnostic test, just to eliminate the possibility of a hardware malfunction. Press the Windows key + R, and type mdsched.exe on the box, then restart your computer when prompted.

Okay, no malfunction. Not very surprising considering I play several games that have cheat protection going, but this is the only that (frequently) goes off for no reason.

Same issue here, PC.

Workaround: I’ve to wait at server screen till a couple of servers are loaded/listet (5-20 sec).

The corrupted files error only appear when i connect to fast to my server (official).

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