Palisade (simple) recipe

Without a thrall to cut cost of crafting shaped wood for the simple palisade, it costs 20 shaped wood. That translates to 200 wood that must be harvested and then crafted in to shaped wood for each palisade.

That is ludicrous.

From its appearance alone, it should require only three pieces of wood (which are typically hand shaped) and some twine (which should be changed to 3 leather) to hold it together. That should not diminish its effectiveness as a barrier.

Keep the level lock where it is.

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If i can see a good thing on this suggestion is the use of the leather. Though i am an original pve player, i help some pvp teams. Tar and brimstone is the most wanted things on pvp. So you can understand that you collect tones of leather. My teammates are dropping it down to decay and it’s killing me. I would love to have more uses for leather. Conans message for recycle is big.

Star metal pick that is 5 or 6 trees at the most. You can find that 90% of the map.

Don’t forget to grab
Bearers it’s a short run and Lott’s to have also if it helps but it’s been a long time a thrall apologies I do not remember name but was a t4 and could turn branches int wood that you could get more from bearers but they drop branches a lot so that could help speed up the process but I don’t mind the current or old way both to me seem easygoing

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