Wall palisade too expensive to make

it costs 200 sticks to make 1 palisade wall…

So use a hatchet, takes 2 minutes to get that much

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I would go further and suggest the change to use wood for the spikes instead of branches because it makes no sense to use branches.
1wood = 1 spike
Then one palisade would be 10 wood, looks more acceptable.
Come on it’s not even that good for the ammount of work you must do to craft it. It might actually be faster to make one hardened brick foundation than one palisade.

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Palisades are expensive to the new player.

Pretty cheap for a player with better tools.

Problem is there is no way to balance it out. If you made a palisade cost 10 wood with a hardened steel axe, you could build 100 palisades in 5 minutes.

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But it is useful for the low level, when you are at hardened steel level there is little to no use for it.

You can get over 2,400 branches in under 5 minutes at the location in my bark gathering video. Just use a Pickaxe or hatchet. (Pickaxe will get bark too).

Also don’t forget to use an artisan thrall to cut the costs. You can use pretty much anything on the artisan’s table. Just slap a T3 or 4 in there and it’ll cost only 50 branches per palisade; 10 branches per spike, 5 spikes per wall.

Yes whit tools and thralls its almost cheper to build t3 then t2, almost spec when you have to build more t2 for same protection.

agreed, it uses the wrong material, also the dmg they do sucks for the cost and time to make. i can stand on them at max level no armor and itll take an hr to kill me, i want them far more dmging beofre they are anything more then decorations