Partial or most clothes missing when wearing it. (reason unknown)

Game mode: Any
Type of issue: Perfomance
Server type: Any
Region: North-Europe

It has been happening to my game ever since I’ve got it 10 months ago. The textures in hair and clothing are only halfway loaded. I have decent graphic card, so it shouldn’t be because of it. For some reason the game is absolutely slow, even when I don’t have any mods on. The bug or visual issue can seen if:
Hair is only partially seen, or other objects can be seen through it.
Clothes are from either left or right side not seen at all.
I wish I could provide picture to show what I mean, but I am new user.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Create a game. Single or multiplayer doesn’t matter.
  2. In character creation, you must see a character with only a half of hair seen on head, or loin clothes textures missing by half.
  3. Join game, test texture by collecting fiber clothes.
  4. If it looks normal, bug didn’t occur.

Hello @Peapea, thank you for reaching out!

Could you share the full specs of your PC in detail?

Are you using up-to-date graphic drivers for your GPU?

If posssible, you could consider uploading your image to a service such as imgur and share the reference with us.

Is it possible that you changed the height of your character during character creation?
It is known that characters that were created with a non-standard height show behavior like this…

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Textures not loading could a harddrive issue.
UE4 ressource files are usually very large and require a lot of storage bandwith to load properly and timely.
Maybe your HDD is too slow/starting to defect?

I moved my game to an SSD and it made a lot of loading and stuttering issues disappear.


I forgot about the SSD! I have only HDD, so I think I should invest for such.

And no, I haven’t changed my height for character. Besides the issue isn’t on my character only, it is on every humanoid character, mostly on top hair and the outer textures of clothing. I’ve played other games, and they seem to have no problem with such, it’s most likely because those files are just, somehow, too big?
Yes I am using up-to-date graphic drivers.

Although an SSD would greatly improve your experience in most games, it’s also possible that the underlying cause for this specific issue might not be related to your HDD, which is why we’d suggest that you post your full specs to ensure that they are within the recommended range.

Lowering your graphic settings might also help in the eventuality that your hardware is under too much stress.

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Sure, a good ssd could improve your experience. Still i doubt it’s here the only problem, ever with a decent HD the game should play and load (ever if slower) correctly. Missing textures and meshes are pointing to a hardware issue, or some problems maybe with your current DB or the mods you use or used.

Again, for more help, publish your pc-specs as completely as possible, and some pictures of what you get are still very helpfull.


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No, my game works smoothly, there is no lag, and the texture mesh missing won’t be repaired by simply lowering “graphic settings”, graphics on all other textures in game works as it should (except on insulated wood building or fiber roof for some odd reason, possibly corrupted by not having proper SSD (I went to check, I have neither of these, no wonder dung is hitting the fan.)

your game appears modded. do u exprience the same issue without the mods? you mention it being slow but does the bug persist without the mods?

I think I mentioned it that even without mods, this missing clothing issue happens to some of the clothings that aren’t attached to body (raider outfit for example made from chitin has no textures missing)

Could you please share your system specs in order to assist us in determining what could be the cause for this, including your current GPU driver version?