Patch 2.4 Single / Co-Op & Official servers Volts boss rooms empty / exile land dungeon mini bosses / bosses missing

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*** Me play on Local / Co-op however on steam people reported similar cases on Private servers and Official …

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*** Vanilla - ( no mods )
When raiding Volts - boss rooms are empty no mobs no bosses ( no problem with earlier parts of volts ). In Local / Co-OP using Ghost to enter treasure room and living ghost mode triggers mobs / boss spawn in boss room. On Official living Volt and re- entering it sometimes triggers mobs / boss spawn in boss rooms. On top of it Exile Land players mentioned missing mini bosses in dungeons …

Steam thread: No Bosses in the Dungeons?? :: Conan Exiles General Discussions

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

In Local / Co-Op

  1. Entering Volt
  2. Reaching boss room - no mobs / boss
  3. Ghost in and Out
  4. Mobs / Boss spawns …

In Official

  1. Entering Volt
  2. Reaching boss room - no mobs / boss
  3. Run back to beginning and exit Volt
  4. Re-enter Volt and run back to boss room (as was told not all ways works ) Mobs / Boss spawns
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Game mode: Single-player, Siptah
Type of issue: Bug
Versions: testlive and 2.4
System: Windows 10, intel i5, 16GB RAM, SSD.

Whenever I run some vaults, no enemies spawn beyond the first stages, and no boss. Some dungeons work, like Volary of Jhil.
In Harbor of the twice-drowned, nothing normally spawns beyond the first dive.
In Demence of the Demon spiders, no boss spawns.
To make the bosses spawn, I have to enable ghost mode, noclip into the loot room, and then ghost back again. This will spawn bosses and mobs in last section, immediately. It will not populate the entire dungeon. Sometimes, when ghosting back through the door, the boss despawns again. Waiting around doesn’t help, so not a case of server playing catch-up;. I guess that spawn/despawn is not triggering properly when moving through the dungeon.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enter Harbor of the twice-drowned in “normal mode”,
  2. Dive through first pool.
    Observed: no mobs spawns up to the loot room
    (Expected, mobs and boss do spawn)

Hi @fremduk and @cytokine, we’ll try to reproduce this issue and get it sorted out as soon as possible.

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I have just entered the Wolf-Brothers’ Vault and the issue stands: scarcely populated and no boss. Any news about fixing this?

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Have this issue, too, playing in single player:

  • Boss doesn’t spawn.
  • Mobs near the boss also don’t always spawn.
  • Boss and mobs sometimes appear after re-entering, but sometimes don’t.
  • Encountered in fiends, wolf and serpentmen vault; haven’t visited the others yet.

As it isn’t exclusive to the bosses, maybe it’s something about mob spawning, rendering distance or something similar?

In this thread, it’s assumed that it’s caused by a mod:

But as the problem seems to happen on official servers, too, that doesn’t seem plausible.

After visiting some more vaults:

  • It seems to affect all vaults.
  • In one vault (serpentmen), only one mob was present just at the start. I had cleared that vault some days before and probably skipped that single mob. All others were still dead.
  • The boss and several others mobs did spawn after moving away from the area in ghost mode.

I’d say the problem lies in “rendering distance” or in resetting the vault after leaving/entering.

For single player, moving away via “ghost” is an immersion breaking, but viable workaround until it’s fixed.

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I had this happen, but it seemed to be a lag type issue, as when I went ghost to get through the locked door, the end boss reappeared. Moved back into the boss room and reset back to walk and they disappeared for a second the appeared and I could complete.

This happened to me in the Well of Skelos just yesterday. Killed the snake boss, and then his body disappeared. Couldn’t loot it or get the keystone ingredient (because it was just gone). At least he appeared and summoned his ‘ghost’ minions, but disappearing with the reward was just frustrating.

The bodies often reappear if you move out of drawing distance, which is maybe 50 m to 100 m or so. That’s an old bug.

Still having spawning issues. Snakemen Vault, lower level. batdemon vault lower level.
drowned vault after egg lock door. Serpent vault, both middle and end section. Probably more.
Fiend vault was working fine. Toggle ghost mode to mitigate. As of #291664

After some further testing workarounds: It seems to be enough to just enable ghost mode for a moment, maybe float a foot in their air, then disable it again. No need to move away from the boss room.

I’ve been occupied farming, “thralling” and building. And apparently no solution in sight for the vault problem. Just entered 3 vaults and all the same lack of mobs and boss.

I have mostly no lag in the vault, and often have also missing bosses in singleplayer.

Like said above, the only workaround at the moment, is start over the vault, or ghost out in admin mod. The first is very frustrating, and the second immersion breaking.
But for me it’s the same issue than empty camps, where you have to leave renderdistance, then come back to make the spawn.

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