Path of Glory I rewards bugged?

hey so i finished top 1 for class and as well in top 10 overall kills
but i cant find anywhere the promised rewards for achieving it
plz help

ahhh damn nevermind i see now it will be given at sagas end

ohhh well actually its not
one friend of mine told me that he got rewards for the first competition of series lvl 80s straight after
so whats up?

no rewards for altfarming =P

well im not sure what your talking about
but anyway problem solved i got it now

Blacklisted people does not appear on the leaderboards. If you think/know someone is breaking the rules feel free to report them. :slight_smile:

Im guessing the majority dont bother with that anymore. Looks like the staff lack the resources to nail theese guys. Or just dont want to.

But… no biggie, the community knows. I was just answering the dude.

I’ve seen you play. I too doubt the legitimacy of your killls.

you must have had miss me with someone else
since i do my kills legit, got more than 500 cts minis and 100 won annihilations
also do some open world sometimes but its dead now anyways
all the best merry xmass!