Patron Chest Scaling

from a previous post (which was fresh from beta)
I know patron Chest scale by epic tier

  1. is it confirmed that patron chest are scaling ?
  2. is there a difference between patron chest in Story mode ?
    (because polaris is done faster that the slaughterhouse)

thank you very much

Patron chest contents are always the same regardless of which difficulty you got opened it on. It scales based on your maximum available difficulty, so it’ll grow as you max IP grows.
Example: your IP is 1111, so your maximum Elite level is 11. In Patron chest you will get distillates of around 4200-4400 XP, whether you open them in E11 dungeon or in storymode dungeon. Same with scenario and lair ones - same XP no matter if it’s lair boss, regional boss or megaboss.