Patron’s Chest question

Quick question on the patron’s chest. We were wondering if the rewards scaled to the elite level of the activity or the player’s IP level (like caches) or something else? thanks.


Yes, patron chests should scale to the elite level you find them in. That’s what we were told in beta.

Do you have a source or is it based on what players found during testing? I didnt think we got to see the finished patron chests during open beta

Patron chests scale with the player’s max ip, not the elite tier :slight_smile: (or at least they did on testlive, it’s possible that changed before the live patch).

It was somewhere in the extended patch notes. The elite tiers will be combined so elites 6-8 get tier 8 rewards, as an example. The patron chests were tested at the very end.

That sounds like two separate things, elite tiers supported by patchnotes, and patron chests supporter by beta testing from players?

I dont think the patron chests were present with the right loot in open testing.

As AWOL pointed out, the last we saw in testing was that it Scales like caches, but changes may have happened since, though i personally doubt it in this case. It makes the most sense to let it scale off player IP to me.

It was literally one of the last things they changed. I never said it was from open beta.

An issue I can foresee if it’s based on the elite tier of the activity (rather than IP) is that folks wouldn’t want to do lower elite levels of activity until after they opened their patron chests at the highest elite tier they can.

The Patron chest is a totally separate chest from the boss rewards, so you could (if you wanted) run a load of dungeons, grab all the loot and then run a story mode dungeon and open the patron chest at the end of it. The rewards on test were the same if you opened a chest in story mode, elite 1 or elite 17, so unless it’s been changed, it won’t matter which you pick.

There is mention of different types of chests, but not how many. I assume these will be dungeon, scenario, lair, and regionals/MBs?

Or will it be a random thing from each ‘run’? Need some clarification on this.

All of this is from testlive, so may have changed in the final version:
At the end of each scenario, dungeon and lair boss, there is an extra chest beside the normal loot chest called a Patron chest. Opening it requires a key, specific to that activity. As regionals and MBs use normal lair keys atm, I’d assume they will continue to use lair keys.

Patrons receive 1 dungeon key, 1 scenario key and 1 lair key per day. Just like the current system, this is a refill, not a stacking amount like cache keys.
I didn’t test it out on a dungeon patron chest, but after I’d spent my Scenario Key, I was not able to buy more keys to open more patron chests. The normal loot chest no longer requires a key, but it seems that Patron chests are limited to 3 per day maximum (1 dungeon, 1 scenario and 1 lair).

Edit: found a pic of dungeon patron chests too.

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With dungeon and scenario patron chests one could make an assumption of it being based on max IP, but what about lair patron chests? Lair chests themselves do not scale well, with the highest reward (MBs) not actually requiring anything past LVL 50 to participate and benefit from.

Also, current patron benefits equal one additional lair/dungeon/scenario run worth of XP without spending MoFs. Will patron chest give you one run worth of XP? I doubt it.

You can now run as many dungeons/scenarios/lairs as you want without needing to spend any MoFs, regardless of patron status.

All of the patron chests scale based on max IP, because you can get a distillate amongst the rewards. It doesn’t matter how the reward from the lair is scaling, (though average signet xp for a lair has increased,) the two are not connected.

The biggest benefit of the patron chests seems to be the chance of getting distillate shifters. You can use them to gain a boost in what you’re levelling, which can be frustrating right now. If you’re only wanting weapon distills and only tali ones are dropping, shifters will help prevent that. If you want to get a load of signet xp, then signet shifters will be great.

Once you pass a certain point, MoFs really don’t hold you back very much. For those people, the extra keys from patron status don’t really provide much of a bonus. In the new system, the rewards should help everyone.

Thanks for the clarification, @AWOL.

Refills on Patron chest key sounds like a good thing. Never been a fan of the cache key stacking, even though I’m a patron myself. This change will bring it more on par with the rest of the player base, but still give a small benefit for the lifers to cash in on.

It also promotes daily playtime - and anything that brings more players online gets my vote. :smiley:

Are they removing cache keys on login or something?

It’s in the announcement and the patch notes. Dungeon, scenario and lair chests are no longer going to require a key. Patrons will now get a key to open a special patron chest at the end of those activities (one each per day).

I thought that replaced the extra keys that we used to get for running those areas… Not remove our login reward. Those should stay separate.

I didn’t see before, and I still don’t see anything about cache key removal, so I’m going to assume they are separate, and we still have our login reward.

yeah there is no evidence of login rewards going anywhere …
It’s just the dugneon, lair and scenario keys being removed, and the old patron extra keys being turned into 1 patron chest key for each type of content.

The trouble is, I want 3/4 categories (talisman, glyph, signet) it’s only weapon that I’m done with. So what do I do, wait until I have 10 weapon distillates in my inventory and use a talisman shifter?