PC - Age of War Chapter 4 Update Discussion Megathread

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Única vantagem que percebi até agora com meu barman após a atualização é esse NPC que surgiu e me ensinou a isca de Age Of War 4 :stuck_out_tongue:

It does indeed put things back where all the adventure for your player character starts in a bar!

There was actually one instance where their update was awesome: the addition of the two southern peninsulas in Siptah in 2021. This update essentially saved Siptah.


Official Servers - Server Settings Changes

  • Stamina Regen 0.1 to 1.0
    • This was reported in the original patch notes, but not implemented.
    • It has since been updated and will take effect on the next server restart

How make same stamina regen change on non-official servers? there is still 0.1

:brazil: feedback Conan Exiles pc

Sim Siptah é muito bom porém essa atualização na ilha ficou sem o mar bug e permanece até hoje se chegar ao sul verá o problema :thinking:

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Hey! Climbing was awesome when added!

Except for the push off ledges. Aren’t we glad they fixed those?

It has passed the point, That either we are the idiots that continue to play this game, or Dev’s are the fastfood workers of the gamer companies.

THE ONLY good thing (congrats for this, which honestly probably came from the DUNE dev workers.) that came from this patch mind you there are 100s of bad, is the auto sort loot into similar boxes. Thats is it. everything else is trash.

-Main event is unrewarding, boring, and is a waste of time.

-Combat is SLOW, you legit swing 1-2 times wait … wait… hit 1-2 more times god forbid there is a horde that ALL have hyper armor, infinite stamina, and have no animation delays. If there is any lag, you get hit 10times before you even can roll.
You didnt balance any weapons/armors.
You didnt adjust Agi Perk, you took away, but didnt add or adjust to make up for what you took. (on top of removing it, you adjusted the stamina usage/regen. youre suppose to PICK ONE, not both.)
You Nerf the NPCastle boss, instead of giving him a good loot drop.
You removed STOP, and added a useless feature called HOLD, that doesnt HOLD if you move more than 30feet away.
You removed number split, and just added half split only.
You adjusted the cost of EVERYTHING, without telling us.
You adjusted the Katana, so you cant spin while dashing. (i would rather have 360 spin with reduced damage. seeing you made turning SLOWER, as well as no hyper armor, so you cant aim and get into dash quickly anymore.)
You added content to your game, just to remove, or make it obsolete for your next disappointing blunder.
Monsters run around without weapons
Random locations insta kill you, saying you fell through the map. while you are unable to recall/get your body back.
You added Finisher moves, that should activate when you push E. AND last for like 1fking second. and you cant do it to other PLAYERS. THIS was one of the coolest things you added, and it DOES FKING NOTHING GOOD.
i should be able to FINISH anything, get a buff that last 30-60sec. and go murder another THING/PLAYER.

Question: We know you dont play your game, we know that. But when you test things, do you play in godmode?


Also a good thing is the follower control panel.
And even this, this is not their idea. They took it from Testerle (Better Thralls mod)


The loot box auto place is a direct steal from the last Valhiem update.

Sorry I haven’t played valheim. Or noticed it here. What’s the loot box auto place?

:brazil: feedback Conan Exiles

Espero que DUNE fracasse para que os DEV volte a olhar para conan exiles :stuck_out_tongue:

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purge explosive golem wave is a pain in the b… and make purge not woth, meteor is ok but bugs a lot, a meteor fell on the base breaking the way to the coffer and the purge canceled, funny was the metor destroyed the ground without even hitting the roof that was intact

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Conan Exiles feedback patch


No sirve nada, todo se descompuso.

Nothing works, everything is out of order.

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anyone see what was in today’s patch?

No, I noticed the hotfix, but not it’s contents. But it did not fix the login issue for me.

Liebes Funcom Team, bitte hört auf dieses Spiel “weiter zu entwickeln”! Bei allem was Neu ist, waren wenig schöne Ideen dabei und hauptsächlich leidet das Spiel und die Spieler-Gemeinschaft darunter. Bei JEDEM Update ist das Spiel voerst für eine Woche unspielbar, da ihr nicht dazu in der Lage seid das vorher alles zu testen. Macht doch einfach ein neues Spiel mit den ganzen schlechten und inkompetenten Ideen…ach, ihr macht ja schon Dune :man_facepalming:t3::unamused: das ist schon verkackt bevor es überhaupt erscheint. Also wenn das auch nur halb so schlecht wird, wie Conan jetzt im Gegensatz zum Anfang war, dann solltet ihr euch alle ganz dringend nen Job suchen, wo ihr auch die geeignete Fertigkeit für mitbringt - Kartoffeln schälen vielleicht, obwohl ich euch auch leider das nicht vernünftig zutraue :man_shrugging:

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Yeah, that isn’t happening. And some of the things that they’ve added will be neat, once they fix some things (like the super loud noise from the fatalities.)