[PC] Ashen Wars [PvP, RP, Mods, NoWipe, Offline Protection] (i9-11900KF, NVMe)

General info:

Server name: Ashen Wars [PvP,RP,Mods,NoWipe,OfflineProt]
Server type: PvP, PvE, RP
Community: Relaxed
Server Map: The Exiled Lands
Server Difficulty: Challenging
Discord: The Ashen Lands
Modlist: Steam Workshop::Antharan Barbarian Pack

Server description:

Welcome to the ancient lands that are devastated by a sacred rite of dominion, the Ashen Wars!
This rite-of-lordship began after many of those bereft of family, riches, health and pride chose to remain in the Exiled Lands, establishing their own realm. This ceaseless and brutal conflict has forged its denizens into visceral beasts of war, clad in flesh, metal and claw. The great Sandstorm is now but a gentle breeze that bathes the great former prison. All new Exiles are welcomed to stake their claim in a land now laden with blood and ash!

NA and EU time zones
24/7 uptime, unless

We recommend that if you consider on playing on this server you join our discord server as well. You do not have to hang out on discord, but it provides us the fastest method to communicate to our players when things happen, such as server downtimes, detailed list of server rules, admin support, updates and more.

How to connect to the Ashen Wars Conan Exiles server:

Server is run on a dynamic IP network setting, meaning it is pointless to hand out static server IP as that will change at random.

The easiest and most reliable way to connect to the server is to use the in-game server browser, make sure that the “servers with mods” tick box is checked and search for “ashen” in the name filter.

What you are looking for is:

Ashen Wars [PvP,RP,Mods,NoWipe,OfflineProt]


In case you are looking to connect to the server and do not see it online in the server list, it is most likely that the server is undergoing an automatic restart, in which case it’s best to check back for it in the next 5 minutes. Sadly, this also means having to close down the game completely and restart it after 5 minutes to force a full refresh of the in-game server browser (just the way the game is built, sorry folks!).

Server automatic maintenance daily restarts (based on time zone):

London: 1:00am, 1:00pm
GMT+2: 9:00pm, 9:00am
PDT/PST: 5:00pm, 5:00am

Maintenance starts at those exact hours should not take more than 10 minutes.
Game/mod automatic update detection and restarts can still happen in between those times.

Direct IP Connect method (Steam):

  • Go to Steam → View → Servers

  • Switch to the “Favorites” tab on the Steam Server Viewer

  • Click on “Add Server”

  • Type in: ashen.gleeze.com:27015

  • Now, the game MAY not recognize it on the in-game server browser. In case it doesn’t, right click on it in Steam and select “View Server Info”

  • Copy the IP and port (IP:PORT) that is listed in the IP Address field of the new window that pops up. You’ll know it’s the correct IP if it ends in “:7777” port. (example: xx.xx.xx.xx:7777)

  • Inside the game server browser, go to the bottom left, click on Direct Connect and paste in the IP:PORT (xx.xx.xx.xx:7777), leave password field blank and click on connect.

The server’s IP will change after a while, requiring you to do this again if you wish to procure the new server IP for Direct Connect purposes!

General features:

  • Lore friendly Conan fantasy setting.
  • Server is intended for mature (18+) players.
  • Tailored to make PvP more fun and less restricting to take part in when it comes to item loss.
  • Expanded Character and Thrall customization options.
  • Paragon Leveling up to level 300.
  • Slowly paced Extended Leveling of attributes past rank 20.
  • Elite kill driven %chance Isle of Siptah recipe unlocks for those that have the DLC.
  • Challenging server diffculty: NPCs deal 80% more damage. Plan your steps with care.
  • Server has full PvP (players and structures) at all times, with offline raid protection that activates 10 minutes after a player, or both players in a clan go offline, rendering all Structures, Thralls, Pets and Placeables invulnerable. Players themselves can still be killed while sleeping/offline.
  • Explosive Jars do not explode on this server. Get creative with your raiding.
  • Built structures, Furniture, Decorations and Placeables can be picked back to inventory.
  • XP and leveling progression rates +10% (1.1x) in order to accommodate the Paragon progression system. Gather rates: 1x (vanilla).
  • Max Thrall/Pet follower is 8. You will make use of your small armies during the Wars.
  • Thrall/Pets train 10 times as fast as baseline vanilla. This is to make the above mentioned wars not be as restricting when it comes to eventual casualties.
  • Partial inventory drop on death (read more below).

Server Rules:

  • The usual refrain from cheating/being a dounce/use common sense rules.
  • No rules in relation to what/how you build or play. The single anti-building rule is not to spam stuff like foundations willy-nilly/randomly all over the place, or raising walls with stacking foundations over one another; please actually build walls using WALL pieces. With that said, if you wanna build a 50x50 pyramid/temple/dark tower/Wall of China, go ahead, although good luck defending it once built or during construction!

Ashen War sacred rite:

  • Only 2 players are allowed per clan.
  • Max 60 Thralls/pets (+5 bonus/player) per clan. 1 player clan = 65 Thralls/Pets, 2 player clan = 70.
  • This is to force multiple factions on the server and create the possibility of inter-faction dynamics including, but not limited to: Roleplay, Alliances, Trading, Treachery etc. instead of one massive clan and a few stragglers, ensuring a balanced distribution of forces on the map.
  • PvP is fully at the players’ choice and interaction. Stand, fight, communicate, run away, beg for mercy, try to parlay for trade/tribute etc.

Thrall behavior in Ashen Wars PvP:

In vanilla setting:

Thralls do full damage. 100% of their baseline against anything, before armor calculations.

Our custom setting:

Thralls do 80% reduced damage to players before armor calculations. This only applies when thralls attack another player. They still do full damage to NPCs or other enemy thralls.

Technical/Rebalance Reason behind this setting:

While the vanilla/baseline value is great for vanilla gameplay, it is not so great for our own modded configuration, which allows you to have 8 thralls following you while also having all of them able to be affected by the “Well Trained” perk.

So with our settings, for thralls to do “full” damage to a player you would need at least 5 in your party.
Let us consider this situation where players would fight against well equipped thralls in the late-mid to late-game.
Lets say all thralls a certain player has do 200 damage flat due to their equipped weapon and stat scaling. With an average 70% reduction from that player’s armor that means taking 60 points of damage from each thrall they engage in combat with. Let us also consider the player fights against a full army in this scenario.
With the vanilla setting, previously 8 thralls = 800% damage to a player (insta gib, or one shot, unless shield spamming constantly, therefore forcing the player to adopt a strict tanky summoner playstyle). That translates into 1600 total damage flat from the enemy thralls on the player, or about 480 per second damage to that player, AFTER armor reductions, over multiple hits. That number is INSANE because it would basically be like having a 480 DPS poison on you.
With our custom setting, 8 thralls = 160% damage. 320 damage flat from weapons, 96 damage on you on average each second after armor calculations.
Considering that the most HP you can innately get on our server, due to the other settings, is about 1500, even then, you need to be hit like 15 times in quick succession to be killed by Thralls alone within a PvP environment.
And that’s with the new custom setting in effect, the 15 times part. Now if you think that’s still low… imagine without it.

Ultimately this custom setting aims to enforce the following:

  • Players are supposed to be the main warriors on the battlefield, not tanky command units/summoners.
  • This allows players whom choose to heavily spec into corruption to also take part in the wars and not be instant killed by a full enemy army.

Partial inventory drop on death:

On death, you respawn with weapons, armor and ammunition (equipped or in your backpack) and any item placed in your hotbar. Dying makes ALL of your weapons and armor (equipped, on your hotbar, or simply in your backpack) be reduced to 5% durability! Any consumables, resources, food, recipes etc. (any item that is not of weapon/armor/ammo type) will be dropped on the ground next to your body inside a new headstone which follows the same rule as vanilla gravestones.

Technical Details:

  • Server is running on custom built high-end system and set up on NVMe storage to ensure high grade stability and performance.
  • Server auto restarts with in-game RCON notification for players, every 6 hours for scheduled automatic maintenance.
  • Server checks for GAME and MOD version updates every hour, performing automatic restarts and updates, if any are found.
  • Server database is automatically backed up daily, facilitating eventual necessary rollbacks, in case of an emergency.
  • Server runs on 60 TPS (ticks per second) for a more smoother online experience for our players, compared to 30 FPS default.

Mod load order (Conan Exiles Funcom Launcher):

Hosav’s Custom UI Mod
Beyond Theatrics
Thrall Wars Dungeon Mod
High Heels System
Weaty’s Armor Pack
Immersive Armor
Barbarian Barber
Male New Faces
Female New Faces
Barbarian Surgeon
Shadows Player Dances
Dungeon Master Tools Continued
Better Thralls
RA: Fantasy Extension
Kerozards Paragon Leveling
Primal Armors
Ravencrest Couriers
Wafflurgy Artisanal Utopia
Stygian Building Kit
Northern Timber
Devious Desires
Barbarism and Armors
GreekAquilonian Armors
Improved Quality of Life 3
Nocturnal Gods: Clothing and Accessories
Roleplay Redux
Outfit Manager BETA
Accessory Wardrobe
Stacksize Plus
Savage Steel
Savage Steel vol II
Sand and Stone
No Explosive Jars
IMMERSE RP: Buildings & Placeables
Sexy Silent Legion Armor
Knight Set Armor
Armor of the Sun Set
Harros, the Vassal
Night Cavalry Armor
Sudo Exile
Thrall Wars Utilities
Beyond the Forge
Arena Pier
Gothic Architecture
Music Barrel
Glass Construction and More
Lemurian Architect
Pythagoras: Expanded Building
Unlock Plus
Less Building Placement Restrictions
PvE Plus Ambush
WX Smoother Corruption
Evils Cabinet
Thralls are alive
Cinnamon Candles
Armor and Weapon Stats in Bench
Lament by Emberlight

Bold marked mods = Mods added in the October 2022 update of the modpack.

Troubleshooting info:

Fatal Error FIX:

If you get Fatal Error message/game crash when connecting to the server: 1. Make sure the game is closed. 2. Go to where Conan is installed (use browse local files from Steam) \Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\SaveGames\ 3. Delete HosavUISave_New.sav 4. Once you are back in game, go straight into Hosav UI Settings at bottom left (UI Settings button) and DISABLE THE MINIMAP !!! DO NOT turn Hosav Minimap on until Funcom releases new devkit and the UI mod can update, or you’ll have to delete that savegame again to get rid of fatal errors! You can safely customize all other aspects of the UI but keep the Hosav Minimap disabled!! You can still safely use the IQoL minimap.

Mod out of date/version mismatch FIX:

Sometimes steam fails to auto download mod updates. Feel free to ask around discord which mods have been recently updated then unsub and resub to them on steam to get their updates. Or do a whole verify of file integrity on Conan Exiles.

Mod shortcuts:

IQoL (Improved Quality of Life): SHIFT+M
Devious Desires : SHIFT+H
RP Emotes: SHIFT+N
Thrall Shout (all follow/all stop): hold T

Recommended custom keybinds:

It is advised to go to your in-game settings and add the following keybinds for more precise Thrall/Pet control : Under the Command section, you can rebind the last two:

Command Return : Z
Command Stop : N

Picked Z and N as they are among the few keys not used by any other mod or important game function, but of course you can choose whatever other keys you want!

The Return command will issue an order to all Thralls/Pets that are following you to return back to you. Useful for when you want to disengage form an enemy, since your followers will keep following the command until they have reached the minimum follow distance to you. This also means they will keep chasing after you if you are running away.

The Stop command acts like the “Stand Guard” regular command, making your followers stand in place while still following you. Useful for when you’d want to issue a guard command but the area you are in doesn’t allow followers to stand in place on it. Be aware that the Stop command also orders all followers to simply idle, meaning they no longer engage in combat. Requires you to use the Return command to disable it. Also be aware that issuing a Stop command to your followers and moving too far away from them will force them to teleport to you, since they are still technically following you, a thing to consider in certain situations and areas such as the Volcano.

Really neat server, with lots of mods to pick from, but none game braking. A challenge for new and old players of the game, it’s a really nice start after the last Sorcery major update to have a new take on the game. I recommend it wholeheartedly!

October 2022 Update:

New mods implemented

Ra: Fantasy Extension, Night Cavalry Armor, Cinnamon Candle, Armor and Weapon Stats
Subscribe to them in the modpack: Steam Workshop::Antharan Barbarian Pack
Add them in the following order in the Conan Launcher:

Better Thralls
RA: Fantasy Extension

Harros, The Vassal
Night Cavalry Armor
Sudo Exiles

Thralls are Alive
Cinnamon Candle
Armor and Weapon Stats
Lament by Emberlight

= mods that are already there and pre-configured in the load order from last time, for reference on where to place the new mods (marked with bold letters).

New gameplay changes:

  • weapon and armor stats (Armor penenetration, Attribute Bonuses etc.) are now displayed in the crafting station, so you can preview them before actually crafting the item.
  • candles now give out considerable more light, making them a practical yet subtle lighting alternative to torches and braziers.

The above mentioned load order the first (main) post has been updated to reflect these changes.

@darkswitch we aim to please :smiley:

Modpack and server update:

KPL - Smooth Leveling Addon (Steam mod ID 2447889148) has had its functionality integrated within the main Kerozard’s Paragon Leveling mod and has been marked for discontinuation on the Steam Workshop by the author. It has thus been removed from our server and the modpack.

Anyone still subscribed to it is asked to disable it from the Conan launcher and unsubscribe to it, as it will also be removed from the Steam Workshop on Wednesday, October 26th.

The mod load order above, in the main post, has also been updated to reflect this change.

For anyone unable to connect to the server even though all mods have been freshly downloaded/updated and getting a constant “mod missmatch” error:

Go to \steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\ModsCached
or wherever you have your game installed and delete the contents within that folder!

The game will repopulate it the next time you launch the game! This is all part of Funcom’s undocumented new mod release support. Downside is it makes mods take up twice as much disk space. This can however be disabled from the in-game Mods menu if you so desire!

Modified server auto -restart cycle from 4 restarts per day (one restart ever 6 hours) to 2 restarts per day (one restart every 12 hours); for longer uptime and less interrupted play sessions.

New restart times, based on time-zone:

London:1:00am, 1:00pm
GMT+2: 9:00pm, 9:00am
PDT/PST: 5:00pm, 5:00am

Old restart times:

London: 7:00pm, 1:00am, 7:00am, 1:00pm
GMT+2: 3:00pm, 9:00pm, 3:00am, 9:00am
PDT/PST: 11:00am, 5:00pm, 11:00pm, 5:00am

Also added new technical specification in the main post, as it was previously omitted:

Our server is configured to run at 60 TPS (ticks per second) instead of the 30 TPS default value, making the server performance more fluid in regards to responsiveness, in order to ensure a smoother online gameplay environment for our players.

The main post has also been modified to reflect/include all of these changes.

Updated main post by Including missing info in regards to technical rebalancing of thralls in the Ashen Wars Sacred Rite description on the main post (sorry for not including it sooner, sometimes text can slip). This rebalance is strictly for the PvP aspect of things when it comes to Thralls, they still behave the same in PvE.

Server has updated (mostly) to Age of Sorcery Chapter two. Modders are still releasing frequent updates to their mods even now. We apologize for this disruption in the server uptime, as the server checks for mod updates and auto-applies them in an hourly fashion. This should settle by itself in the next couple of days.