PC audio defaults to headset. CE defaults to PC speakers

I’m using a brand-new Sades 902 headset. Only the 2nd time I used it. First time, it worked fine. Now, a few days later, I’m having this issue where CE insists on playing audio SOLELY through my PC speakers. I’ve double-checked every last Windows setting I can find (Windows 10), and it all appears that the headset is indeed the default device. Windows plays its noises just through the headset. As soon as I launch Conan Exiles, however, it’s back to the PC speakers. I’ve tried unplugging/replugging the USB connector. I’ve tried relaunching the control app (which is a barebones POS, I don’t mind saying). CE audio settings have nothing of value. And like I said–the most maddening part–it worked FINE the last time I used it.

So: can’t voice chat, and can only have audio playing loudly through speakers to annoy the rest of the household. Please somebody help.

Have you tried alt tabbing after you start Conan Exiles and looking at your Sound Settings in Windows to see if it’s still defaulting to your USB headphones? If it isn’t, you can try setting them to default again while Conan Exiles is running, see if that makes any difference.

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