PC Bugs since last patch, cannot skip intro and Treb decayed very quickly

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Americas Offical 1504

Since latest patch, can no longer click to skip the intros for Funcom, Nvidia and it always goes into the opening intro movie before I can finally hit enough keys to get to the menu to select online play or single player. before this patch, you could click on the first intro sequence and get right to the menu.

also, Treb foundations are not refreshing their decay timer. I had one placed very near my base, and it was always 144 hours along with the structure, but after patch it kept going down and never refreshed and got destroyed by ruin system last night. it decayed very quickly.


i have the movie one as well, also i can’t get onto my friends private server without the game crashing. HOpe they can get this siht fixed.

This game was NOT production ready, way to many bugs

Also, map markers still can’t be edited or removed.

Breaking Thrall on the ‘wheel of pain’ takes an incredibly long time.

The intro thing is happening to me too! And sometimes the main menu has a little lag before I can click on something.

Same here, last patch literally broke the game. Having controller issues as well. Please fix this, It’s a disaster the state of the game right now.

new patch and still cannot bypass any of the intro movies. seems worse than before.

Also, about 50% of the time when I login I am at 50% health with the blood spatter on the screen. Even getting to full health and the blood splatter is still there. sometimes relogging fixes it, but then most times it does not.

Since the patch before the dlc patch,

  1. dying inside my building logged off.
  2. fish traps not working
  3. shellfish traps not working
  4. wheel of pain stops sometime after logging off.
  5. crafting progress stops if logged off.
  6. thralls just watch you get attacked.

I just now tried posting some possible workaround/fix options for skipping the intro on Cannot Skip Glitchy Game Intro

If I could get some feedback on which ones(only of the ones that I recommended :stuck_out_tongue:) work, I would appreciate it!