Server Disconnect - no longer shows up in listing + couple of bug reports after patch

As topic title, so taking the time to post a couple of other issues since patch.

Unable to skip the loading intro since latest patch. Escape or mouse click no longer skips to menu options. Have to wait through teh whole damn thing each and every time you launch CE. Very annoying.

What happened to quick loot (F) that seems to have vanished now.

Dissapearing foundations/torch’s. Why do they vanish only hrs after placing them (usually when one logs back in) very tedious to have to keep replacing that each time you log in.

Health wont go above 50% unless you use bandages. Standign amongst your thralls - entertained = health regeneration + 0%

(although this was here before latest patch its still around) - Bound thrall - if you die, rope breaks or anything else like this making you have to rebind the unconscious thrall to the rope tether (other than dropping it out yourself) will result in you being able to rebind the thrall again but when you reach close to the wheel of pain (or any wheel) thus thrall will quite simply vanish into obscurity.
Steps to reproduce this is knock out a thrall, bind it to tether and die or wait for rope to snap. Repair rope rebind thrall and run to wheel where thus thrall will simply vanish as you get close to it. or if dying when its bound to rope run back recollect, rebind then take thrall close to wheel of pain and it will vanish on you when you get close to it.